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High Powered PEMF Therapy – Recharge Your Body

As I’ve started my fitness journey, I’m always seeking to enhance my efficiency, endurance and also healing. I discovered a modern technology called high powered PEMF which is pulsed electromagnetic field treatment as well as it has actually done wonders for my body. Essentially, your cells end up being exhausted throughout the day as well as by utilizing high powered PEMF therapy, you can reenergize your cells, as if your cells were a battery. PEMF gives your cells the energy they need to perform, as well as repair themselves.


I’ve been exercising almost daily for the past 6 months with a selection of different workouts consisting of weights, bring up, raise, rollerblading, running, sprinting, cycling and also swimming. I’m attempting to shock my body with different exercises and motions to ensure that I can see modifications on my body and also I see them on a daily basis.

Over 6 months, I’ve shed regarding 30 pounds, raised muscle as well as shed a lot of my fat. Through the process, I had to wait for my muscles to recover, especially when I functioned them out actually hard. I’ve been using the RC MAX PEMF 120 by Replenishing Technologies on a daily basis for the previous 6 weeks and I’ve noticed some incredible results. I have a whole lot extra power and my muscle mass recoup a lot faster.

It is available in a Pelican Case. It’s extremely sturdy for traveling. The controls are easy. the leading right handle controls the strength of the pulse.


If I have a particular area in my body which I have actually trained exceptionally difficult as well as I have soreness, I can target that location and the soreness will go away virtually quickly.

target your shoulder with the paddle

It’s not just for exercise and sports. My mom had thyroid cancer in the early 90s as well as had a collection of radiation therapies to treat it. Over the previous ten years, her left arm has perished away and also the muscle is virtually non-existent.

Wrap the coil around your neck to target your thyroid.
She’s been using the RC MAX PEMF 120 device for the past 6 weeks much like me and targeting her arm utilizing among the coils for 10 to 15 minutes. She also does the remainder of her body for 3 mins. Before PEMF treatment, her arm felt like it was running out. Considering that she’s been utilizing pulsed electromagnetic energy to recharge the cells in her arm, she has really felt a recognizable gain in stamina as well as can lift it greater in the swimming pool when she swims.


The human body has about 37.2 trillion cells each of which does specific tasks and also needs to be repaired regularly. Each cell has an electric fee it needs to both feature and repair. Aging, toxic substances, and also other things create cells to lose this fee. When this happens the cell’s performance goes down creating you decreased efficiency, aging as well as exhaustion. “Tired cells” can ultimately make you a lot more susceptible to injury and health problem.

High Powered PEMF treatment supplies a risk-free yet powerful fee into the cells of the body as well as gives them the power to heal, repair and also function on an optimum level. If you’re questioning, the machine is the dimension of a little traveling bag as well as comes with 5 coils and also other tools– including a pelvic modification set (a simple yet really effective way to get even far better results when you service your back, neck as well as joints by correcting musculoskeletal inequality as you administer the PEMF coils). It includes an instruction manual that informs you where to place these coils so your body can get a full PEMF charge.


PEMF works immediately and also continually to stimulate muscle mass, connective tissues, intestines, tendons and cartilage material, the mind and also peripheral nerve sites. It goes deep within the skin searching for cells that need help and also gives them that added boost to function appropriately and heal. In the procedure of charging cells, it presses toxic substances out– so your body can get rid of them as well as provide you back a sensation of energy.

Actually, 95% of people report much less pain, far better series of motion, even more energy as well as a higher feeling of wellness after using PEMF the first time; benefits last 4 hours to 4 days as recovery begins; repeat PEMF use prolongs the duration of benefits.

In order for your body to work correctly, it needs power to distribute throughout the entire body so the training I obtained is on Whole Body PEMF Protocols to promote the cells in every organ, system as well as location of the body.

It’s been truly awesome to feel my body reply to PEMF. When I initially started my treatments, I started it on a reduced strength to stay clear of discomfort. Even so, in some locations I really felt like Frankenstein as I might really feel as well as see my muscle mass and also cells shiver as the electromagnetic pulses affected them. In sensitive places like my jaw, teeth and mind I went extra slow-moving and also mild.

As I got made use of to the gadget, I started using it at higher strength. I promptly got used to the means it really felt and liked that I reached choose just how high to establish the power. It was a wonderful method of discovering what was happening in my body given that the power causes cells that require it to shiver. Currently, I really prefer making use of PEMF on higher power on my huge muscular tissues in specific because I actually feel the power entering my body.



Identifying the best degree of strength is easily-determined given that the individual being dealt with determines what that is according to their convenience. PEMF power is just attracted to cells that are under-charged (while fully-charged cells enable the energy to go by); the energy is made use of a top priority basis to those cells most in need (as an example a current injury) or where there is cellular memory of a requirement (like a previous surgical procedure site).


I start my day with PEMF in a fasted state, no food. This has worked the best for me since my body doesn’t have any type of food in it as well as can obtain the cost it requires to start my day. I begin by covering the coil around my neck to promote my thyroid gland which establishes the phase for power in my body. I move the coil to my abdomen region to boost my food digestion system. I’ll go onto treating my head, shoulders, upper body, and also back.

This energy is supplied utilizing specially-designed therapy coils for each component of the body– with the person being dealt with assisting the amount/ strength of energy received based on personal comfort and internal comments.

As under-charged cells communicate with PEMF power they restrict, compel toxic substances out, as well as attract the energy in. Hence “muscle-twitching” is a typical action to PEMF as the under-charged cells regain the power they need to both feature and repair service. After that I made certain I drank great deals of water because PEMF imitates a detoxification as well as I wanted to aid my body eliminate the contaminants.


Since PEMF gives cells back the power required to perform, recover and also repair it benefits everyone.

Elite professional athletes train harder, recover better, boost their play.
Entertainment athletes obtain fitter; usually record personal bests.
The “unwell” see systemic renovation as well as symptomatic relief.
The “damaged” or those “post-surgery” see systemic improvement as well as faster recuperation usually by as high as 40%.
ALL end up being extra resistant to disease as well as injury.
Aging and also loss of performance is reduced (even reversed)– frequently dramatically.
Summary of clinical researches of PEMF advantage Please link to file below


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While I was creating this I found a recent post on GQ Sports from NFL Star Christian McCaffrey (he discusses it at 9:56 in the video) that utilizes the exact same maker I’ve been making use of. Hope he is recouping from his injury and also will soon be back playing.

NOTE: I need to additionally mention that expecting females and individuals utilizing pacemakers should not utilize PEMF.


In time, our bodies end up coming to be out of alignment. For instance, our left leg could end up being functionally much shorter than our right– which, consequently, can trigger one of our shoulders to come to be higher than the other as well as create extra compensation in our neck. In the Replenishing Technologies training handbook for the RC MAX PEMF 120, it instructs you exactly how to appropriately align your body to deal with bone and joint inequality so the PEMF power flows extra easily throughout the body.


The manual features a variety of methods to improve your well being. It is very detailed and also explains how to utilize PEMF to add to the following

Health, systemic Improvement and also symptomatic alleviation
Rest improvement as well as adrenal launch
Location, problem, injury specific, systemic enhancement and symptomatic alleviation
Condition, join, injury-specific, systemic renovation as well as systemic alleviation


I’ve discovered that my body really feels much more open. I feel great flexibility and every little thing just feels looser. My body recoups much quicker from workouts as I am much less aching as well as I feel a great deal a lot more power. If I do ever before really feel exhaustion throughout the day, I’ll put the coil around my neck and also I’m not worn out any longer. My rest has improved as well as I’m able to do my tasks conveniently throughout the day.

I would highly suggest PEMF Therapy for any kind of grown-up. Regardless of what, all of us have areas of our body that requirement aid for healing or recouping. Our bodies are boosted by a lot negative power that it requires to fix itself. Our cells hold onto trauma from our childhood years and also PEMF can be a method of getting to the source of our pain and health problems. For any individual wanting to stay as well as get as healthy as they can, I think PEMF is one of the best points you can do.

For more information go to Replenishing Technologies or Contact them by means of e-mail or call James at 647-289-3791.

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