was founded by celebrity portrait photographer & influencer David Christopher Lee. As the founder of Destination Luxury, he attending way too many parties and decadent dinners, David’s lifestyle really caught up to him and at 37 years old. He had put on a lot of fat. It was weighing him down and he didn’t feel comfortable taking his shirt off at the pool in front of people. Once the lockdown happened, he had an epiphany that he needed to change his lifestyle and that he would focus on health, fitness and biohacking. His plan would be to get into the best shape of his life.


He decided to reach out to health, fitness and wellness companies he had worked with in the past and they sent him hundreds of items in the health, nutrition, beauty and fitness space to test and review. He cut out alcohol, stopped going to restaurants, and did everything he could to transform his body. Over a month, he was lost 30 pounds of fat but he didn’t want to stop there.

David didn’t only focus on his body but he focused on developing his mind and motivating himself. He studied manifestation and motivation techniques and practiced them. After clearing his mind, he developed a lifestyle that focused on detoxing, nutrition, metaphysical aspects and fitness all while using the latest technology. He experimented with dry fasting, red light therapy, breathing techniques and PEMF. After a year of testing products and working on his body, he knew it was time to start

“Your life is your greatest teacher. Your joys, your worries…everything is trying to take you home to yourself. I’m trying to bring little pieces of light into people’s lives. I’m here to connect people to ideas and stories so that they can live their best life. I want to inspire people with the content that I publish,” says Lee. is a portal for people who want to transform their bodies from the inside out. It’s designed to show innovative healing techniques and technology to live a stress free life of beauty, abundance and no stress. Everybody’s body is different and certain treatments might work for you and not somebody else. David’s goal is to create awareness of the plethora of biohacking techniques and technology so that you can choose and experience the ones that resonate with you.

The mind is boundless and can achieve the unbelievable. If we make an affirmation to do something, and work hard to accomplish our goals, we can turn our dreams into reality. In order to thrive, we need to get rid of bad behaviors and replace them with productive behaviors. By making these changes, we can change our bodies, minds and the environment around us. Biohacking is manipulating ourselves and our environments to attract abundance, happiness and positive supporting relationships to ourselves. David’s goal is to create and inspire these things to happen.

David hopes to to educate people on the incredible technologies available to enhance their lives, give them more energy and increase their cognitive function. There is so much information out there – good and bad – but David’s goal is to provided the latest up to date information so that his readers can live an elevated lifestyle.