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TheBioHack.Org is available with a golden opportunity for bloggers, writers, and weight loss experts. Our platform is now taking gust post submissions. You can weight loss write for us and get your content published on our high-traffic platform. If you are interested in writing and sharing some blogs under the weight-loss category, check out the following details.

Content Guidelines

We don’t accept any random submission or anything irrelevant. We accept the guest posts or content submissions that are written by respecting our guidelines. Our content guidelines are –

Guideline 1: Topic Relevancy

Weight loss is a sub-category of health & fitness. But you cannot pick any topic under the health & fitness category. We will approve topics only related to weight loss, such as – how to lose weight quickly, weight loss tips, what can burn fat quickly, habits to avoid fat burning, etc.

Guideline 2: Content Quality

TheBioHack.Org believes in delivering high-quality content for readers only. We never compromise with the quality of a weight loss guest post. Traits of quality content:

  •       Content should be free from grammatical errors
  •       Content needs to be unique, NO PLAGIARISM
  •       Information should be genuine
  •       Fluffy and irrelevant content will not be accepted
  •       Proper formatting & layout

These are three major traits of quality content.

Guideline 3: Content Length

For approval, your content should contain at least 500 words. There are no maximum limits for content.

Guideline 4: Links

TheBioHack.Org never grabs someone’s opportunity. We always provide chances to authors for getting them recognized. We approve up to 2 do-follow links in the content. It will allow you to add your web profiles or social media accounts. If your content contains more than 2 links, elimination of links can be handled by us. 

Guideline 5: Format Or Layout

If your weight loss write for us, you should structure and form your content professionally. Don’t write content in big paragraphs. Try to structure your content as per previous TheBioHack.Org posts.

  •       Write small paragraphs
  •       Add subheadings for proper division
  •       Use bullet points or numbering to highly pointers

You should keep these three points in mind while writing content. It will provide a better content appearance and keep the readers engaged for a long.

Guideline 6: User Friendly

Content should be written in a user-friendly manner. Don’t try to complicate things with inappropriate or hard-to-understand language. Keep your content meaningful and sensible.

Guideline 7: Informational

Always write content based on proper and true information. Before sharing any information or data, you should check it properly. You can add some stats to content for sharing the success rate of methods and their effectiveness.

Guideline 8: Use Media

You can add relevant images or infographics to the content. It will increase the effectiveness and impressiveness of the content. Media helps in getting more readers’ engagement and provides an entertaining way to share information. We appreciate it!

If you weight loss guest post by following all these guidelines perfectly, you will get approval and content published. Our post type is sponsored. In case of queries or difficulties, contact us. 

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How To Apply?

To share your guest post on Weight Loss category, write an outreach email to us on luxesquire@gmail.com with the subject “Request for Guest Posting on Weight Loss Blog”.

You can also use the contact form provided below to reach us.