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You can health write for us by creating a fine piece of content and get it published on TheBioHack. We share complete information about multiple categories under health and fitness. You can pick any relevant topic, write on it, and share it with us. Our team will overview your content and if we find it useful, informational, and written as per our guidelines, you will be notified with approval mail and a live link to the blog.

Fitness Guest Post Guidelines

TheBioHack.Org follows the approval and rejection system strictly. We don’t let anyone mess with our quality standards by sharing low-quality content. Such kind of attempt will not be appreciated and your fitness guest post submission will be rejected. Our guest post writing guidelines are –

Guideline 1: Relevant Topic

Topic relevancy is an important factor. In case we don’t find your guest post topic relevant to our blog category, it will be rejected. Along with it, we don’t appreciate repetition as well. Make sure you are writing on a topic completely new to our web platform.

Guideline 2: Content Quality & Length

TheBioHack.Org has quality standards. If you health and fitness write for us, you should maintain a good content quality that can add valuable content to the website.

  • Try to write content without any grammatical error
  • Keep your content 100% original and unique, SAY NO TO PLAGIARISM
  • Content should be at least 500 words long and there no maximum limits
  • Form the content layout smartly for increasing engagement rate

These are some key tips that can help you form quality content as per your fitness guest post approval parameters.

Guideline 3: Format And Layout

  • Bullet Points
  • Number lists
  • Short Paragraphs
  • Meaningful subheadings

You should prepare content layout and format by respecting these factors. It can make your content engaging and highly useful information properly to grab the reader’s attention. Writing content by using lengthy paragraphs will reduce the engagement rate and lift the reader’s interest. As a result, they leave the post immediately.

Guideline 4: Links

As per our health write for us guidelines, we will approve up to 2 links in content with do-follow attributes. In case we find more than 2 links in the content, we can eliminate them or change it to the no-follow attribute. It depends on the usability of added link.

Guideline 5: Information & References

Your submitted guest post should be fully informative with multiple proven facts and stats. In case you mention any health & fitness case study, research, or experiment details, you should add reference links as well. It will be helpful in providing proof of information with authority.

Final Words

Health and fitness write for us

By following our guidelines strictly and get your insightful content online quickly. If you face any confusion or query regarding guidelines, you can contact us for more clarity. We are always available for your assistance and support. TheBioHack.Org always welcomes the authors who are interested in sharing the sponsored posts with us.

You can also follow this blog sample – https://thebiohack.org/75-hour-dry-fast-results-process-aftermath-no-food-or-water/

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How To Apply?

To share your guest post on Health & Fitness category, write an outreach email to us on luxesquire@gmail.com with the subject “Request for Guest Posting on Health & Fitness Blog”.

You can also use the contact form provided below to reach us.