Write for Us - Nutrition Guest Post

TheBioHack.Org is a high-traffic web blog where several readers visit daily to gather some information about health & fitness. Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle and we are available to support people by sharing guides and information via blogs. You can also contribute to this by choosing the nutrition write for us option. Read the following details and guidelines to understand, how you can submit your content and how it can be approved.

How Can I Submit Nutrition Guest Post?

Content submission is too easy with our platform. You can simply contact us via email and share your ideas regarding the guest posts. We will contact you back as fast as possible and share further details. If you already have a piece of content, you can reach us with that as well. Within a short time, you will get a revert regarding its approval or rejection.

How Can My Content Get Approval And Published?

Approval and rejection of a nutrition guest post are dependent on multiple aspects, such as –

  • Content quality
  • Topic selection
  • Written as per guidelines

If we find your content completely perfect according to our platform, it will be approved and published on the platform quickly.

TheBioHack.Org – Guest Post Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you understand what traits can help you get approval and do-follow links.

#1 Content Quality & Length

TheBioHack.Org accepts posts of at least 500 words well-written without any kind of grammatical or plagiarism errors. You should keep the content 100% original.

#2 Topic Selection & Relevancy

We will accept guest posts that are completely relevant to our category only. Write an insightful post on nutrition-related topics, such as – what to eat, how to eat, what can fulfill body requirements, etc.

#3 Link Strategy

If you nutrition write for us, you will get an opportunity to get 2 do-follow active links in the content. Linked sources should be low at spam score.

#4 Information & References

Add relevant information to the content for making it insightful for the readers. A piece of content only with stories, not the information is not suitable for readers and does not answer their queries. In case you add any kind of stat or case study, don’t forget to provide references.

#5 Proper Formatting

You should follow a proper format to write content. Don’t go recklessly by forming a few lengthy paragraphs.

  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use bullet points and number listings
  • Use subheadings to separate inner-topics

These three tips can help you write engaging content. Lengthy paragraphs will disengage the audience. Along with it, they don’t represent content informational.

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Final Words

Try to form your piece of content by taking these nutrition guest post guidelines seriously. We will never make any mistake or violation of guidelines lightly. It will result in rejection only. If your content is approved and published, you will get an appreciation email along with the blog’s live link. You can share such sponsor post links on your social media profiles and other sources.  

How To Apply?

To share your guest post on Nutrition category, write an outreach email to us on luxesquire@gmail.com with the subject “Request for Guest Posting on Nutrition Blog”.

You can also use the contact form provided below to reach us.