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I Tried EMS Workouts for a Month and Here is What Happened

If you’re anything like me, discovering the motivation to bust your butt at the fitness center is low on the priority list. Between working and studying, I merely don’t have time to dedicate several hours to working out each week

And, if I’m being entirely sincere, after lots of New Year’s resolutions of promising, “Right, I’m going to get fit this year. I’m going to consume well and train difficult to look hot AF!”, my momentum disappears and I’m back to the ol’ CBF mindset (sound familiar?).

So, when I was asked if I wanted to give EMS training a go for 5 weeks, I was all over it. I bought a suit from AWI Fit.

This progressive design of workout can get results in a matter of weeks and the very best part? The sessions are so short, only 20 minutes long!

EMS (that’s Electro Muscle Stimulation) is a new method to workout without needing to invest hours in the fitness center. Just a couple of 20-minute sessions a week is all it takes for you to have a bangin’ beach body. It works by sending low-frequency electric impulses to contract your muscles while you’re working out. Long story short, it’s essentially triple the workout in half the time– incredible, ideal?!

Weeks One And Two

I was a little nervous walking into my first consultation. The idea of being hooked up to a device that sends out impulses to my body was a little intimidating. What was it going to feel like? Was it going to injure?

My training gear was a tight-fitting set of shorts and a top that reminded me of Lara Croft. They described the training does not need any exercise equipment– not even a set of shoes. How helpful is that for sessions directly from the workplace?!

I was then taken through a list of standard concerns about my health, any injuries I had and they took my measurements.

I was beginning to be sorry for that burrito and six-pack of churros I ‘d demolished the night before …

I was taken into a vest with cables hooked to it, a strap around my arms, legs and glutes and hooked up to the maker by a cable– there was no backing out now!

I seemed like a bit of a dork for asking, “is this going to injure?”. My trainer stated and laughed, “no. When to stop turning them up, you’ll begin to feel some faint impulses coming through each part of your body and I desire you to inform me. I desire you to be able to feel them but still feel comfortable.”

The buzzes started up and they first felt like needles and pins to me. The ones in my abdominal area and back felt like I was being massaged from the inside– sort of like those massage chairs at the mall. It was a very odd sensation however not painful at all. Phew!

We went through the representatives: squats, lunges, crunches, bicep curls … the works! And, as my body began heating up, the impulses weren’t coming through as strong. Time to dial them up. Wow, I was really starting to sweat!

And easily, my EMS workout was over.

I could not think how fast the session went. And for somebody who isn’t the biggest fan of working out, I might have quickly kept going.

After my very first session, I felt the muscle burn quickly and continued to ache for the remainder of the week– especially in my bum and my legs. Do not get me wrong, I’m defs not complaining. After having a kid, I might use some toning and tightening and, at this rate, I’ll be rocking a Kim K derriere in no time. Induce the next session!

Back into the studio again that week and two times the next week– rinse and repeat!

Weeks Three And Four
In sessions 5 to 8, we actually amped the workouts up. Along with doing the routine toning and strengthening workouts I had carried out in the very first number of weeks, we added metabolic training onto the last five minutes of each session– much like a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout.

Targeting weight-loss, I did more cardio-based exercises– while linked to the EMS maker, obviously. Believe great deals of mountain climbers, squat dives, kettlebell swings and shadow boxing. The lying-down bikes were my favorite– I could actually feel the burn in my abs.

There were likewise 30-second intervals between each workout where I ran on the spot. And, to reeeaally push me, they got me doing high-knee lifts. To say the least, my blood was absolutely pumping!

The goal was to keep moving the whole 5 minutes. It was defs more busy than the fortifying and toning exercise … and I enjoyed it. The pulse frequency is different to the strengthening frequency. Instead of feeling like deep-tissue massage, it seems like a tapping or vibration on your muscles and you can actually see your body shaking with the currents– insane!

Week Five
In my last week, I actually pushed myself in the sessions. I was figured out to get results and y’ know what? I was in fact beginning to see some! I have actually gained some meaning in my stomach. When I search in the mirror, I can in fact see a set of child abs glimpsing through aaand my muffin top is a little less muffiny– woo hoo!

And my back is thanking me too.

Due to old sporting injuries, I struggle with lower-back discomfort. Time and time again, I’ve been told, “exercising will strengthen your core muscles that, in turn, helps to relieve neck and back pain”. In the past, I’ve been too lazy to check this technique out but guess what? It works! Five weeks of EMS training and my pain in the back is seemingly non-existent– hallelujah.

Well, after five weeks of devotion to EMS training, it’s safe to state I’m connected. It’s quick, effective AND enjoyable. It fits perfectly into my extremely busy schedule and the evidence is in the pudding. After 10 sessions, I can see a visible modification in my body– 2 really enthusiastic thumbs up from me. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the hype for yourself and get a suit of your own at AWI Fit.

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