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The Earth generates a natural Pulsed Electric Field (PEMF) which pulses through everything within it, including humans. This natural EMF has helped in many ways for life on earth. It has promoted the growth of plant and animal life, has assisted in the evolution of people and other animals, and has helped in the survival of people from dinosaur times. Studies have proved that the PEMF that the Earth emits is as vital to human health just as water, food, air, and light are vital to our existence. PEMF also supports cellular regeneration, growth, and health.


In the late 1990’s, with the advent of medical science and technology, people began to ask more questions about the role of PEMF’s within the human body. Scientists and doctors came to realize that the electrical pulse that PEMF gives off is very much like the healing energy of acupuncture. Acupuncturists and other healers believe that energy from the acupuncture point known as the ‘acupuncture point’ in the body can travel directly to the nerve endings in the brain and the nerves of the ear. Doctors of Chiropractic and earthing have since then begun studying the link between PEMF and earthing.


Scientists are of the opinion that the PEMF assists the cells to regenerate. Studies have proven that people who live close to active volcanoes are able to survive for decades with little food and no medical treatment. These people were able to fight off diseases due to the regenerating power of their own bodies. Earthing proponents believe that PEMF’s also promote regeneration which is why many of them wear an earthing bracelet or Pendant.


Studies done on animals like rats and guinea pigs prove that PEMF does indeed promote regeneration in the body. Rats that were implanted with tumors grew new tumors in a rapid pace and in about half a year; these rats grew three times faster than those who did not receive PEMF treatment. The scientists concluded from these findings that the PEMF waves are doing work in the body. In fact, they believe that it is the PEMF that is increasing the rate of cell regeneration. It is therefore not out of place for people to wear earthing bracelets to encourage the regeneration of cells in the body.


Earthing is a simple and safe procedure that does not require a doctor’s supervision. Earthing enthusiasts claim that wearing an earthing apparatus is similar to wearing a band for a limb that is going to grow slow and not grow as fast as the body. Many people believe that the body itself replaces old cells with newer ones while the earthing device encourages the growth of new cells. Some people claim to feel some sort of ‘energy’ flowing through their ears after wearing the earthing devices for a period of time. They feel this energy moving through their bodies.


There are a number of reasons as to why the pemf apparatus may be beneficial for the prevention of cancer. Studies have suggested that PEMF may help in reducing the risk of colon, breast and prostate cancers. These cancers account for about 90% of all the cancer deaths in the US. A study done by the National Institute of Health in the US has also found a correlation between PEMF exposure and the risk of non-Hodgkins lymphoma or cancer of the lymph nodes. This study is yet to be validated but there seems to be enough evidence to suggest that wearing earthing apparatus may protect against cancer.


Other studies done internationally also suggest a link between PEMF exposure and the growth of certain tumors in the brain, lungs and heart. It is not entirely clear as to what the connection is between PEMF and these tumors since they could just be caused by nerve interference by the PEMF waves. There are some people who believe that people are safer when wearing earthing apparatus. These people believe that they give the brain protection from electromagnetic fields. The American Society for Radiation Medicine also believes that earthing devices help people protect themselves against cancer.

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