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New NAD+ Supplement Utilized For Increasing Energy and Extending Life-span

London, UK: BioTech Life Sciences ® announced that their very popular supplement,
NMN, has seen a boost in demand in people utilizing their product for their skin regimen.

NMN is a variation of Vitamin B3 that is turning into one of the fastest selling supplements in the supplement market and is used mainly for increasing energy.

” We’ve seen more people from any ages purchasing NMN to help with enhancing energy levels which is a typical problem today. Originally utilized for increasing energy, there has been a knock-on effect with individuals utilizing it to improve to boost their skin complexion which we didn’t anticipate with some intriguing results from customers,” states Freddy, CMO at BioTech Life Sciences.

Advantages of NMN include:

Adds to the Reduction of Fatigue & Tiredness
Improving Efficiency of Mitochondria– Helping Increase Energy
Boosts a Molecule in the Body Called NAD+ which Increases Naturally When We Exercise & Restrict Our Calories

Have you ever wondered why kids have so much energy throughout the day?

Since they have much higher NAD+ levels, it’s.

As you age, your NAD+ levels are reducing to the point that by the time you are in your 50s, your NAD+ levels drop can 50% and by 80, your NAD+ levels can drop to just 1%.

Numerous research studies have actually shown the anti-aging advantages experienced from supplementing with NMN & NAD+ with remarkable pro-longevity impacts such as:

Battle Free Radicals
Induce Natural Healing
Extending Cellular Life Span
Efficient For Stem Cell Health
Protecting a Sharp Mind In Old Age
Boost Circulation In Blood Vessels
Countering Age-Related Metabolic Decline
Preserving Cellular Levels At Youthful Levels

Our bodies make NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) from NMN (its precursor).

NAD is in all our cells & important for us to function– transferring energy in our cells.

It powers our mitochondria – helping turn food into energy.

Low levels of NAD minimize psychological + physical energy.

The older we get, the less NAD we produce.

NAD+ is a potent ANTI-OXIDANT which assists battle the effects of aging all of us experience as we get older.

Assisting reverse our biological rhythm by stimulating our STEM CELLS & delaying cell death.

Who Is NAD+ & NMN For?

NAD+ & NMN are for people who are seeking to:.

Have More Focus.
Want To Be Their Best.
Boost Their Energy Levels.
Get Ahead of The Competition.
Want To Reverse The Effects of Aging.

* Those who are currently taking NMN will gain from including NAD+ into their nutritional program in addition to NMN.


Studies performed on mice revealed a quick increase in the regrowth of hair and we’ve heard first-hand stories of individuals regaining the pigment in the hair.

Restore Stem Cells.
Return Hair Colour Pigment.
Grow Telomeres.
* There has actually been anecdotal evidence of individuals turning their grey hair back to its initial color and we are waiting on studies to validate this.


Our bodies make NAD+ from NMN (its precursor).

NAD is in all our cells & important for us to operate– transferring energy in our cells.

It powers our mitochondria – helping turn food into energy.

Low levels of NAD decrease physical & mental energy.

The older we get, the less NAD we produce. By the age of 80 NAD+ levels drop to as low as 1%.


Poor Memory.
White & Grey Hairs.
Absence of Energy & Tiredness.
Poor Skin Quality e.g. Rosacea & Acne.
Mood Swings, Brain Fog, Poor Concentration.
Slow Metabolism, Constant Hunger, Strong Cravings.


May Support Immune System.
May Contribute To Reduction of Wrinkles.
May Contribute to Memory Enhancement.
May Support Increases In Strength.
May Contribute To Better Sleep Quality.
May Help Promote Healthy Inflammatory Response.


Sadly, there are producers who are making money from selling:.

Unsteady/ Decomposing.
NMN & NAD+ supplements – presenting big dangers to your health.

If you’re thinking of taking NAD+ or NMN in pill or pill form, then please check out the benefits of taking it sublingually like ours – it has a greater absorption rate.

Which Ingredients Are Used?

BioTech Life Sciences ® has a dedicated group of pharmacologists, chemists & research study scientists working to source the finest and most helpful & purest NAD+ NMN.

This enables us to offer you an advanced, high strength formula which contains no artificial colors or flavors, Free and gmo-free from irritants such as Gluten, Wheat, Lactose and nuts.

Just how much Should You Take?

1,000 mg is the Daily Dosage taken by David Sinclair.

However, many individuals begin with 1 dose per day of 250mg and work their method as much as the recommended 1,000 mg recommended dosage.

BioTech Life Sciences ®: Specializes in providing high-end health supplements & vitamins for anti-aging, energy. Immune assistance & durability.

For more information, visit BioTech Life Sciences.

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