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Enhancing Your Life Your Way: Everything About Biohacking

Nowadays, it seems like more and more people continuously find new and exciting ways to self-improvement. After all, with capitalism still controlling our daily lives, having a DIY approach to everything would be able to help you save money and time in the long run. And that’s where Biohacking comes into action – a simple, DIY approach that can help you have a better life expectancy and your life quality in the long run, too.

Here’s everything you need to know about Biohacking.

But first, what is Biohacking? First coined by entrepreneur and author Dave Asprey, Biohacking is a DIY process that involves effectively pursuing your health from the comfort of your own home – for example, with dieting or physical activities like yoga or strength training. Though the processes and examples might be a lot, the thought process behind Biohacking is simple: It’s the fact that we, ourselves, should take control of our health and wellness instead of leaving it up for others.

To practice Biohacking would entail two things. Firstly, it means that we should take things into our own hands – or in this case, use what’s available on the market for us to be able to live a healthier life without having to spend much (or any) money at all.

Secondly, Biohacking is also a great practice of one’s discipline and self-control in the same process. Biohacking involves doing everything yourself – from creating your diet and exercise regimen to more minor, seemingly insignificant things like your sleep patterns. Though it might not sound like much, a large part of self-discipline involves knowing if a specific workout or diet would work given any circumstance. Hence, Biohacking will be able to help you train both your mind and body in the long run, making it perfect if you’re an intelligent consumer.

Yes, Biohacking has already been a thing since the early 2000s. However, the trend resurfaced and is now done by millions of people over the globe. The reason? Last year’s global pandemic, and prolific use of the internet, that’s what.

With most of the global population unable to leave their homes, they sought the countless DIY methods of self-care and self-maintenance that have littered the internet. From YouTube videos to Reddit boards, the sheer availability of the internet has given everyone the chance to discuss their thoughts and comments on every topic. These platforms (in particular, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook) allow people to share their thoughts and create content that would. The fact that these kinds of content are what people craved for and wanted to do during quarantine – and that’s precisely what they did. Now, it’s widespread to see people do everything from intermittent fasting to basic yoga meditation – all primary forms of Bodyhacking that can help people look good and feel much better.

Biohacking has become such a trend nowadays that it has become a full-blown, no-nonsense business. With the sheer amount of blogs, websites, and DIY health courses that teach people how to practice Biohacking in their own homes, you will be spoilt for choice if you want to embrace the biohacking lifestyle, too. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is a firm believer in the lifestyle, too, as he claims that he, too, has restored to has taken on a biohacking strategy called intermittent fasting. Dorsey reportedly only eats a single meal a day and continues to fast for the entirety of the week. Though it might sound unhealthy, intermittent fasting is one of the most cost-efficient, surefire methods to effectively regulate the body’s blood sugar while helping one maintain a healthy and ideal weight.

In conclusion:

That is what Biohacking means in a nutshell; It’s the idea that we, ourselves, should take control of our lives and live healthier – with or without having to spend money whatsoever. It’s continuously gaining traction and it doesn’t seem like it’s bound to stop any time soon, too.

Starting the biohacking lifestyle is just as complex – if not more difficult – than starting anything in that matter. It would take a considerable amount of time and effort to turn your dreams into a reality. However, simply having an internet connection and learning about Biohacking is not enough. Yes, Biohacking can be the perfect way for everyone to reclaim their right to take control over their health from now on – no matter what happens in the future. But also remember that much like everything else, it is still a practice. And at the end of the day, the golden rule of “your body, your rules” still stands. You’re never too young – or old – to get your hand in with Biohacking. So give it a try! Who knows, maybe it’ll be the right push that you need to feel that much more confident in yourself in the long run, too!

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