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Big Biohackers: The Top 5 Biohacking Influencers You Should Follow Today!

Biohacking or the act of DIY self-care without relying on anything else has been around for decades now. However, it has only seen a rise as of late, all thanks to the global pandemic. However, now that its prevalence and names aside, more and more people continue to make a brand out of well-being and DIY self-care on various platforms. Though the regular joe might be unaware of what a biohacker is, they might already be doing their biohacking techniques without knowing what it’s called. Simple home workouts, intermittent fasting, efficient sleep patterns, and the likes are some forms of Biohacking that everyone might be aware of but aren’t aware of what it’s called initially.

Biohacking and Influencers: Why they’re such massive hits

Last year’s global pandemic has taught us that most of us would have to take care of ourselves. Since most gyms and establishments are closed, most of us would have to resort to home exercises and a simple, DIY diet. Though not everyone could follow through with it, these are still some primary forms of Biohacking in general. This continuous self-help, DIY trend turned into something more than just a trend – it turned into something that people continuously look for and want every time. These influencers, then, took it to establish their DIY self-help Biohacking brand to another level.

These online influencers succeeded in the same way other DIY videos suddenly went viral – because resorting to unconventional home methods is the best that people can do during those trying times. Although it might seem like a waste of time, and some might even consider it dangerous, returning to more traditional ways of healing and self-care can help you out in more ways you can imagine.

Top 5 Biohacking Influencers You Should Follow Today for A Better Lifestyle

Want to know more about Biohacking in general, or do you want to be inspired while browsing your Instagram feed? Well, worry not – these influencers are the most-followed Biohackers for a good reason – and who knows, you might learn a thing or two about their health journey as well?

1.) Dr. Josh Axe, DC. DNM, CNS.

If you want the latest know-how when it comes to superfoods and nutritional value, then you should give Dr. Josh Axe’s Instagram page a visit! He’s much more than a pretty face – he also gives you everything you need to know about superfoods and what they can give you. And if that isn’t enough, Dr. Axe also has a free podcast that offers to divulge into that very topic – and then some. Dr. Axe is more than happy to help you educate yourself about everything regarding your body and the food that it needs.

If you’re curious about Dr. John Axe, then you can follow this Instagram link!

2.) Wim Hof

With two million followers on his Instagram page, Wim Hof’s influence is undeniable – but what makes him so popular? Well, this biohacker has gained most of his popularity after daring to climb Mount Everest in nothing else but shorts. Wim is also known as the Iceman for his ability to resist sub-zero temperature by controlling his body temperature with meditation and breathing techniques that he claims helped him – hence, the meaning behind his Instagram handle. Though that isn’t everything he has to offer – his words of wisdom and great advice for people new to Biohacking are sure to be everything that a beginner can ask for and need to continue the biohacking lifestyle.

Follow Wim Hof’s Instagram and follow his journey by clicking the link below!


3.) Ryan Carter

World-renowned nutritionist Ryan Carter is most known for his top-notch workout regimen and diet. However, he’s also highly informative when it comes to the dos and don’ts of eating. Many people might think that nutritionists can only talk about nutrition – but Ryan Carter is here to debunk that myth! His social media accounts are a testament to this, and you can tell. He specifically tailored his Instagram page to make it seem that Biohacking is an excellent idea to positive effect.

Ryan Carter can work with his clients remotely, and you can always rest assured that he knows what he’s doing. You can visit Ryan’s Instagram page by clicking this link!


4.) Terry Wahls MD

An autoimmune expert and a professional MS researcher, Dr. Terry Wahls are on a special mission – and that is to help patients with autoimmune disorders live everyday lives. Her protocol, which she calls Wahls Protocol, has helped countless people change their perception of food and nutrition. Her Instagram handle plays up the “Primal Paleo” concept, but her goal is to inspire everyone to lead a healthy life with the help of healthy eating methods.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Terry Wahls, then you can visit her Instagram page here!

5.) Kristin Weitzel

Kristin Weitzel is more than just a stunning woman – she’s also a fantastic biohacking expert that can train you, too! Her Instagram account gives her followers everything that her website does – and then some! Gaining the attention of well-known fitness influencers, she has now formed an online coaching program for those interested in learning more about the biohacking lifestyle – whether they’re beginners or not.

If you want to learn more about Kristin Weitzel, you can give her Instagram page a visit!

An Influencer for every need: Give them a follow today!

These five experts are the perfect place to start if you want to learn more and be inspired by your biohacking needs. If you’re looking for someone who can help you get started with Biohacking, then all of these Influencers are more than happy to help you with whatever you need!



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