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Your Handy Guide to Meditation


Achieving inner peace is a difficult task in and of itself – and it’s still something that everyone cannot quickly get, too. Though there are several methods for you to try and achieve your inner peace, it seems like the current climate makes it pretty much difficult to concentrate, too. But that shouldn’t deter us from meditating and achieving our own safe space from our minds, as we can achieve so much more when we approach everything we need to do with a clear state of mind. And that’s why meditation is essential – it’s a quick and easy way to clear your mind and start doing what you need to do.

Why should I meditate, and why does it look so hard?

We’ve all see those pretty pictures of monks or Buddhists meditating, with their legs crossed and eyes closed. We’ve seen the ocean waves upon the seashore, too – which is supposed to represent a calm state of mind for them. It’s not easy trying to do that – but we should try anyway!

Meditation is successful in clearing your mind, removing negative energy, and improving your overall mood. It’s even scientifically proven to reduce heart rate and blood pressure! But before you start meditating, here are some tips on how you should go about doing it:

1.) Calm down and take a seat.

Before we even start meditating, we should aim to relax our nerves and feel that sense of peace when we begin. It wouldn’t help your meditation cycle if you rush when you’re trying to meditate – so sit down somewhere comfortable and relax for a bit before you begin the process.

2.) Select a window of time.

It would be best if you always took note of how long you’re going to meditate. It’s a good idea for beginners to start with only five minutes every day – and increasing it by a few more minutes each week. You can’t expect yourself to go from zero to hero in the snap of a finger. So be patient – it will come to you naturally.

3.) Make sure you’re in a stable position.

To make your meditation more effective, you should find a position that’s comfortable for you. For beginners, you can either sit with your legs crossed or lay down flat on the floor. Concentrating will be much more difficult when your body. Again – do what’s most comfortable for you.

4.) Focus on something – but don’t let your mind go off the hook.

Now that you’re in position, it’s time to concentrate on something. It can be an object in front of you, a candle flame, or even the ocean waves! Don’t let your mind wander off – if you feel like your thoughts are straying elsewhere, gently guide them back into place by focusing more on what you’re concentrating and you’ll be good to go!

5.) Be kind to yourself.

It would help if you never forgot to be nice to yourself. After all, meditation won’t happen overnight – it’s something that you need to keep practicing until you get better at it. It will happen eventually! If you get frustrated because of the meditation cycle, take a deep breath and relax.

6.) Gaze up and end with a smile.

Once you’re done meditating, you can slowly open your eyes and gaze upwards. At this point, you should let go of everything that was on your mind and end the meditation cycle with a smile or even a laugh. Trust us – you’ll feel that much better about yourself at the end of every cycle, even if you’re a beginner at meditating in the first place.

That’s how easy it is to meditate – so why not give it a try? It’s straightforward to do, and you’ll be all the better for it. Just remember – don’t rush it. Meditation takes time, effort, and of course, patience to make work entirely. You can’t expect to be excellent at it overnight, so keep practicing. Soon enough, you’ll find that meditation is one of the most important things for your well-being – and remember to enjoy yourself every time you do it!

What are you waiting for? Start meditating today!

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