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Things Not to Do After Getting a Sunburn

If you forget to use sun protection and go outside, you could suffer from sunburn in as little as 10 minutes. A sunburn can pose significant health concerns if you get exposed to UV rays throughout the day. Most of us have gone through the painful experience of getting sunburn. Whether you spent too much time on a golf course, fell asleep outside, or took a long beach day, it is quite easy to get a sunburn. However, the important thing is to know some valuable sunburn remedies that can offer you some relief. Let us look at some things not to do after getting a sunburn:


Don’t take a hot shower 

Even though you might be used to enjoying hot showers, you need to skip them entirely when you suffer from sunburn. A hot shower could make your skin completely dry and strip away all of its natural oils and moisture. 

When you are suffering from a sunburn, you need to protect your skin’s outer layers that have been damaged due to prolonged sun exposure. This also means that you need to protect this damaged skin since it has even lesser amounts of natural oils to rejuvenate itself. 


Don’t skip hydrating yourself 

You need to ensure that you drink a lot of juice, sports drinks, water, and sunburn drink in the upcoming days to get instant sunburn relief. You should also consume hydrating foods such as cucumber and watermelon to hydrate your body further. 


Make sure that you do not go outside without skin protection 

If you absolutely have to go outside in the sun, use sun-protective clothing. You can opt for some light clothing that protects the exposed parts of your body while protecting the sunburned parts. You definitely do not want to expose your sunburned skin to more damage. 


Do not wear any tight clothing 

Always stick to loose, flowy, and breathable clothing that doesn’t scratch or itch your skin after you get a sunburn. The best thing for sunburn is constant hydration and extra skin care. Avoid any clothing that feels too tight on your skin, or you will worsen the condition of your skin. If you wear tight clothes, not only will you incur more damage to your skin, but it can also peel your sunburned skin and make it more difficult to heal. 


Do not forget to moisturize the affected area 

The outermost layers of your skin depend on natural oils that are supposed to protect it against any damage and keep your skin hydrated. When you suffer from a sunburn, you tend to lose this outer protective layer, thereby causing the outer layers of your skin to become dry, irritated, and dehydrated. The best thing for sunburn is to constantly keep moisturizing your skin. Use an aloe vera gel to comfort and cool down the affected part of your skin. Slowly, you could also switch to a moisturizer that does not contain alcohol. 


Do not disturb your blisters or peel the affected area of your skin

Peeling skin is quite common, and it signifies that the area of your skin affected by sunburn is beginning to heal. However, it could also leave you with some sheets of skin that are unsightly and uncomfortable. Make sure you leave this peeling skin and any blisters completely alone. You do not want to peel your skin and subject it to more damage and exposure. You should instead moisturize your skin and let the peels soak it in. 



Now that you are aware of the things you must absolutely avoid when you have a sunburn, it is time to focus on a sunburn cure. You need to ensure that you always keep your skin as hydrated as possible with water, juices, and sunburn drink. You can easily obtain the best sunburn relief by focusing on recovering your skin by lessening the damage.


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