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7 Korean Beauty Hacks You Need To Know In 2022

There is no doubt that Koreans are beautiful and good-looking. First of all, you guys have to clear the one thing in your mind: the colour doesn’t matter; if your skin tone is black, it does not mean that you underestimate yourself to others; the importance is that you have clear, pimple less, healthy skin. So if your skin tone is white but has dark circles, rashes, spots or any more, no one likes it. 

On the other hand, if you want quality branded skincare or beauty products, visit Esther & Co site and get great discount on your purchase by using Esther discount code. Every woman and the man wishes that he or she looks good, smart and gorgeous. So in this post, we discuss which beauty things Korean use and guide you about the seven Korean beauty hacks you need to know in 2022.

Living Lifestyle

The essential thing to remember about Korean beauty is that it’s not all about the beauty items and products you use. In Korea, they eat fermented foods and a healthy diet rich in nutrition, drink lots of water and get quality sleep to take care of their skin. Drinking water is the main thing to glow and beautify your skin. When we are not drinking water properly, it makes our skin dark, unhealthy and dull. But if we’re drinking a good amount of water and avoiding unnecessary sweets, it helps to make our skin healthy, bright, sharp and enhance our beauty.

Yogurt Face Mask

They are using natural remedies to make their skin healthy. For example, the yogurt face mask is one of the best packs for skin, and we also know about the properties of yogurt, which makes it an essential food in most Korean kitchens, and yogurt is the highly preferred ingredient for skincare. Get one teaspoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of yogurt, mix with honey, use it on your skin, and wash it after 15-20 minutes.

Skin Suitable Cleanser 

Korean use the best suitable for their skin cleanser daily; this habit is to make their skin shiny and like crystal. The first and primary step of any skincare routine is a cleanser. And we hear about the critical “double cleanse” they use in K-beauty circles, but it is not always recommended. After cleansing their face, they use a hot, steamed towel to dry their skin. In winter, it is highly recommended to use an oil-based cleanser, dry it with a hot steamed towel, and use the products according to your skin.

Rice Water 

Rice water is one of the most famous ingredients used in almost all Korean beauty products and even in these remedies. Rice water is prevalent for its anti-ageing and skin brightening properties, which help to make glowing, bright, clear skin. First, soak the rice, get it out of the water, pour it into a spray bottle, then mix with some clear aloe Vera gel in the bottle, shake it up, and use it as a mixture on the skin.

Use Sheet Mask To Beautify Your Skin

In Korea, most women wear sheet masks daily on their faces. It is very uncommon to hear, which may be a bit too much for us, but we should use a sheet mask once a week for our skincare routine. It makes your skin bright, healthy and clear crystal. 

Green Tea
Green Tea is also the primary and essential key ingredient in Korean beauty. Most women use green Tea in Korea to get clear glass skin. Green Tea is the best for skin glow and it make soft, healthy and bright. Boil some green tea bags or leaves. Let it cool. If it leaves, so Strain it. Fill up the green tea water in a spray bottle. Use it 1-2 times a day.

Healthy Diet

You know that Korean eats a healthy diet to make their skin glow. As a result, South Korea is the most innovative skincare and skin product market. They said that not only skin care product make you beautiful, but proper sleep and healthy food is the essential thing that will help you enhance your beauty. If you ever noted,  that Koreans of all ages and genders value the importance of smooth, healthy, and beautiful skin and that is all because of their healthy lifestyle.


The Koreans are the best example for us on the way to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this post, I have discussed the seven hacks behind the beauty of Koreans. Looking good and beautiful is essential for everyone; some people don’t care about themselves, so it’s not a good way of living. Instead, the Koreans care about their looks, skin, food, sleep and many more. I hope you guys get knowledge from this post, implement these hacks, and enjoy your life. If you want to know more about Korean beauty hacks and their related posts, visit the store site.  


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