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Get Outside and Ride – the Top 5 Health Benefits of Electric Bikes


We all know the many health benefits of cycling for exercise.  But choosing a pedal assisted ebike for exercise?  Isn’t that cheating a bit?  With ebikes becoming the choice mode of transportation for urban commuters and outdoorsy types alike, we did some digging and discovered several great health benefits to choosing an ebike for your daily physical activity and personal wellbeing. If you are interested in healing, you need to checkout the best manifestation retreat 2021.

Supports Healthy Joints: Various forms of exercise can take a major toll on your joints, especially if carrying a bit of excess weight.  Walking, jogging, running, hiking all put pressure on the ankles, knees, and hips, and when these joints are sore, you are more likely to cut short your exercise activity.  Pedal assisted ebikes allows riders to engage in a long-distance physical activity without applying pressure to their joints and potentially causing injury, which makes it a great low impact choice for joint health.

Improves Heart Health: Your heart is the most important muscle in your body, and maintaining a healthy heart is imperative for living a long and robust life. “I have many patients who bike, and they find it’s a great way to get some exercise, especially when the weather’s favorable,” says Dr. Brendan Everett, a cardiologist at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. (Source) People who choose pedal assisted ebikes over conventional bicycles tend to ride longer and further, gaining a better low-impact aerobic workout and decreasing their chances of developing heart disease.

Promotes Mental Wellness: As Americans, and most of the globe, have been locked up in their homes for more than a year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, depression due to self-isolation has been at an all time high. Now that the Covid vaccines seem to be working, and the CDC has lifted mask mandates for vaccinated Americans, it is time to get outdoors and RIDE!!   Outdoor cycling is proved to be an effective way of boosting mental wellness by increasing the blood flow of oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to the brain.  It also may reduce stress levels, improve sleep, boost self-confidence, and elevate your mood, so grab your ebike and get to cycling!

Improves Overall Cardiovascular Health: Cardiovascular health relates to how efficiently your body can absorb and utilize oxygen, while in turn transporting and purging carbon dioxide. By choosing an ebike to gain moderate exercise, your body adapts to the physical activity by generating more efficient capillaries which swap oxygen and carbon dioxide at the lungs and muscles and creates more red blood cells to purge the gases from the body more effectively.

Increases Metabolism for Weight Loss: We all have those few extra pounds we would love to shed, and a consistent regime of low impact, aerobic exercise is the key. By getting out on your ebike for a nice long ride, you will increase your metabolism and burn more calories into energy, and even after your ride is complete, your metabolism will remain elevated as you recover!  It’s a win WIN!

Our choice for the ultimate ebike:  The MODMO Saigon+

MODMO’s Saigon+ is one of the most technologically advanced, pedal assisted ebikes we have found on the market.  With premium features Bluetooth and 4G GPS tracking, an up to 200km range from its custom removable battery, a smart digital handlebar displaying speed, distance, trip and battery level, bright LED lights integrated at the front, the rear, within the proprietary handlebar ends and seatpost for night ride safety, a rust-proof carbon-reinforced belt system which requires little to no maintenance. and a range of snap-on modular accessories for personalized customization, it is truly the Tesla of ebikes.  Currently only available in Europe, but hopefully available in the US very soon, the Saigon+ is available for pre-order, with next shipment in November of 2021, by clicking HERE.


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