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Cisco Sales Corp. Sets The Bar In Home Gym Equipment

Champions train with the Best Bar In Fitness

Torrance, CA: Cisco Sales Corp. is an original equipment manufacturer, specializing in product development, prototyping, importing, and project management. In 2013, Cisco launched a unique push-up bar called the ‘Beckford Bar’ that revolutionizes the traditional push-up.

The Beckford Bar is a small, light-weight push-up tool that can be used at home or on-the-go. It’s a tool designed to provide a complete upper body workout in one single motion. It has two red handles for one fun workout.

Using the Beckford Bar leads to larger, wider pectoral muscles, defining the center and top portion of the muscle. From the neck to waist, you will feel the burn right away. The balance required to hold the plank position, utilizes most of the upper body muscles, arms, forearms, down to your lower abdominals.


Traditional equipment requires heavy weight lifting and repetitive twisting, which can end up causing pain and damage to your joints. One of the challenges to solve was to develop a tool that would provide the same results, without causing harm in the long run. The result was a simple progression to the standard push-up and plank. The bar provides a unique challenge to control a traditional isometric plank, increasing range of motion, and allowing for horizontal adduction.

The sweeping arc motion of your arms activates use of all your muscles together, something that laying on a bench can’t provide. Consistently using 2-4 days a week, 3-10 sets of 3-20 reps will help develop chest size, strength, definition, and target your core and obliques. Beginners start on their knees to lessen the amount of weight. 


Variable resistance training is when you use equipment like resistance bands, Beckford Bar, or even chains to vary the resistance through the range of motion of an exercise. This type of training adds variability, improves your overall strength and helps break through training plateaus.


The Beckford Bar weighs under 5lbs, and can hold a person up to 400 lbs. The engineering of the Beckford Bar was held to the same strict standards, using the highest quality parts available in market. The bar is built from case-hardened steel, the same material as the hoop on quality pad-locks. The handles are designed to be used on heavy machinery, built to last with quality. Components are molded from Nylon composite, much stronger than regular plastic. The screws that hold the Beckford Bar together are rated for thousands of pounds, not hundreds. 

Available on Amazon or WorkoutsWithBeckfordBar.com

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