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Living an Active Life With Glasses

It’s estimated that over 61% of the U.S. population needs some sort of vision correction. For many people, that means wearing glasses. However, adopting eyewear can be an adjustment for some people – especially those with active lifestyles. 

You might already be somewhat frustrated with your glasses. They can feel big and bulky when you’re trying to work out or do something active, and they can even get in the way if they start to slip down your nose or don’t fit properly. 


Obviously, not wearing your glasses during physical activities isn’t an option – you need to be able to see clearly! Glasses also provide plenty of benefits. They can protect your eyes from UV light and blue light from computers, keep you from straining your eyes and getting headaches, and make you feel more confident in your vision. However, there are some drawbacks when you’re trying to stay active. Contacts aren’t for everyone, either. So, what can you do to live comfortably and stay active with your new facial accessory? 

Choose the Right Workouts

You might feel like you have a love-hate relationship with your glasses. They help you see without straining and your headaches are gone, but they become annoying when you’re at the gym trying to do your usual workout. 


If you don’t want to take your glasses off because you’re enjoying the benefits, consider adjusting the type of physical activity you do. 


For example, things like burpees and deadlifts might cause your glasses to slip off or move on your face, especially when you start to sweat. Other activities like sparring or swimming could actually end up damaging your glasses. 


One of the easiest ways to keep your frames in place is to use a glasses strap. It might not prevent your glasses from slipping a little, but it will ensure they don’t fall off your face and hit the ground. If you don’t want to go that route, consider changing your workouts to include things that won’t interfere with your accessory, including:


  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Overhead weights/bench pressing


Low-intensity exercises are almost guaranteed to help your glasses stay in place, and you’ll still get many of the benefits of working out, so don’t be afraid to try different routines to find what’s most comfortable for you. 

Try Some Tips and Tricks

Wearing a strap around your glasses is just a start when it comes to clever ways to keep them in place. Some people want to stick to their normal workout routines. Maybe you use cardio or high-intensity interval training to help with both your physical and mental health. The last thing you want is to compromise those things because of what you’re wearing on your face!


So, when you’re working out with glasses – including using weights or doing some intense cardio — use the following tips to make sure they’re secure and not distracting: 


  • Make sure the frame fits
  • Use ear grips
  • Try an adjustable nose pad
  • Choose a lighter frame


It’s also important to keep a small cleaning kit with you whenever you’re working out with glasses on. A soft lens cloth and a small spray bottle with water are easy to keep in your gym bag or medicine cabinet at home and will ensure that your glasses don’t stay fogged up from the heat, or that they don’t get too dirty from sweat and dirt. 

Take It Outside

There are many benefits to working out in the great outdoors. For some people, exercising outside is preferable to staying in a crowded gym or even working out at home. If you need corrective lenses to see, you don’t have to compromise your love of exercising outdoors when it’s sunny. You also don’t have to switch to contact lenses just so you can wear sunglasses and protect your eyes. 


If you need vision correction, consider using prescription sunglasses when you’re working out in nature. You can customize them to fit your needs, choose frames that won’t move around or slide down your face, and they’ll end up looking exactly like “normal” sunglasses. There are also sunglasses with clip-on lenses that will attach securely to your existing prescription glasses. So, if you’ve spent a lot of time getting the right fit, you won’t have to worry about doing it all over again with a separate pair of shades. 


Because so many people need some type of vision correcting device, it’s important to know how to live an active life with glasses. It’s tempting to take off your lenses while you’re working out. However, that could lead to eye strain and a headache later. Keep yourself and your eyes as healthy as possible by finding ways to keep your frames in place and to stay comfortable while staying active. These tips are a great way to get started, and you’ll find more “tricks” that work for you as you become more comfortable with wearing your glasses while exercising. 


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