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How Can Life Coaches Expand Their Clientele Reach

Today’s life coaches are building successful businesses entirely online. If you are considering this career, it takes consistent effort and a visible presence. The goal is to reach a vast range of prospective customers. You can expand your brand reach by utilizing a wide range of strategies. Expanding your brand reach involves increasing the number of people who see and hear about your expertise.

Choose One Area of Expertise

If you want to run a successful coaching business, then you must specialize in a specific area. Facebook has over 2.9 billion users. You do not want to attract everyone on social media. If you are a leadership coach, then you would probably work with supervisors and CEOs. Your target audience is people who need help becoming effective leaders in the workplace.


Life coaches help people find greater fulfillment in life. You would target people who are looking for a purpose in life. However, coaches must provide products and services that their target audience wants to purchase. There are billions of people on social media, but only a small group are genuinely interested in your content. You are not selling services that everyone wants to buy.


Your success will largely depend on finding a specific market and identifying its needs. The first step is to choose a target audience and learn about their interests. Next, you will focus on strategies to continuously attract clients and build your brand. If you create a large client base, more people will know your name, and your brand will become more prominent.

Become a Valuable Resource

Long-term success on social media has a lot to do with how many people you can help. It comes in the form of hosting webinars, speaking to groups, and spending time answering questions for individuals. You must challenge yourself to start 20 or more conversations when starting out as a new life coach. The key is to engage your audience with quality content. You want to attract clients who are interested in your services and will start conversations about your brand.


It also helps to do keyword research to answer the questions of your client base and solve their problems. Life coaches must meet their target audience where they hang out and make them feel important. The key is to help as many people as possible. They will recognize you as a valuable resource. Once you establish yourself as an expert, clients will ask you to sign up for your program. At this stage, you can pick and choose your client base.

Schedule Coaching Sessions

People seek life coaching for specific concerns they want to resolve. They come to life coaches because they want to support them with completing specific goals. Life coaches will need online coaching platforms where they can schedule coaching sessions with clients.


When you have so much going on at once, it is stressful for coaching professionals to manage a daily schedule. You can accidentally overbook clients and get mixed up with the correct times for meetings. Poor organizing skills can lead to bad reviews about your business.


Online software tools are another way to expand your brand reach. They provide coaches with an automated scheduler to offer to their clients. These tools help keep track of what a day or week looks like in real-time. It also can block out sections of your day and leaves a little cushioning to make changes.


You also will need an online platform and software tools to schedule meetings with your clients. Some life coaches offer one on one and group sessions. They can run these sessions via built-in video conferencing tools or Zoom. It helps to find an all-in-one system where you can do admin tasks, scheduling, and online sessions all in one place.


New life coaches must use high-quality platforms to provide a good experience for their clients. Most people will need to go through eight to 16 sessions of working with a life coach


Customer reach creates a domino effect. If your brand gets exposure from a wider market, then you will make sales and revenue. As a new life coach, it is crucial not to spread yourself too thin trying to cover every social media platform. You should choose one and make a genuine connection with your target audience.

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