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Trevor Stanley – 20 days of no food or water, dry fasting

The beginning of this article is on davidsguide.com

On your 20 day dry fast, how did you survive?

Listening to your heart both physically and mentally. I’ve done over 50 double digit dry fasts so I have a good read on my body and any previous limitations. You get wiser on the process with each attempt. Taking notes and journaling is the name of the game. Having enough fat to lose, staying in clean free flowing air, remaining at peace, and choosing a cool/cold location by a body of water are all mandatory things for me. I will break the fast if I feel kidney sensitivity or when my heart rate stays at high levels for more than 20 minutes.

What was meditation like after the 10th day?

It’s really the 11th day that mediation becomes deeper for me. You cannot rush time in a fast. As a matter of fact, time drastically slows, so you have no choice but to face yourself and any unconscious coping mechanisms and identities that you may be temporarily tethered to. States if euphoria and joy occur frequently from memories, realizations, and gratitude for life. I’m not much of a crier normally but I’ll have many cathartic releases beyond day 11 on a dry fast. It seems that the detoxification process goes from mind to body and then to spirit as the days pass. It’s like you’re reconnecting a trinity of sorts within yourself.

Trevor interviews David Christopher Lee about his 7 day dry fast

What have been people’s opinions when they find out you fast for so long? What do you tell them? How do you deal with peer pressure?

They usually have a look of disbelief. Then we usually talk on what they thought was true. Then “why no water?” then “what do you during the fast?” 100% of the time they inspired to begin a fast soon after. Fasting seems to be an incredibly inspirational activity. Peer pressure was more pronounced in the beginning of my journey with people being confused and angry. Now that I healed myself and currently coach people, the individuals who peer pressured me are now fasting as well. None fast for too long though.

What is your diet like?

Hydrating living foods. Lots of real spring water and/or juices that I make at home. Always with apples, ginger, lemon. Currently on a pineapple kick. I also dedicate 2 days a week towards protein intake. Zero fake or processed ingredients or foods and no dairy. For desserts recently, I’ve been making raw almond butter and dipping frozen bananas or dates into it.

What is your fitness regimen like?

I usually bike at least 5 miles a day or run 1-3 miles. I go into ocean just about every day. I do yoga twice a week and for 5-6 days a week, I do gym full body workouts with variations. I listen to my body and I will cut workouts short or skip a day if my body wants rest.

What is the benefit of doing a 21 day dry fast as opposed to a 7 day?

There’s a reason that many historical figures did not break their fasts midway through. Autophagy and self-cleaning should not be interrupted if complete physical healing is desired. Or a full rebalancing. The cleansing begins at 5 days and at 7 days, you’d only be in the first phase of full healing. Although you’d get basic cleansing with 7 days, you’d only subtly eradicate unfavorable pathogens and they would just repopulate upon breaking the fast. Prolonged fasts get full physical completion along with the mental and spiritual benefits.

Who inspires you and why?

Mostly my family inspires me. Also, Jesus Christ, Alan Watts, and another faster named Sat Marga. Overall, I’m probably most consistently inspired by my social media followers as they keep me accountable and most are also making this difficult walk into prolonged fasting.

Who are some of your influencer friends?

Hmm…most recent social media friends are: @alisemango @oll_about_health @theblackairbender @infinitesheikh @sebastiansiegel1 @mikefperry

What does it mean to you to be extraordinary?

To have no spirit of urgency and consciously listening.

Mind, body, and spirit are all connected and flowing in a non-desperate form. Someone who has dove deep into their true self.

Read part 1 at David’s Guide.

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