7 Belly Fat Causes You Should Know

You have tried to fight belly fat, but the result is not pleasing. However, it’s good to know belly fat causes before solving it.

There are many reasons for gaining body weight, but belly fat significantly affects your general health.

From genes to dieting, this article will explain some of the belly fat causes that you should know.

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7 Belly Fat Causes

1. Sugary Foods and Drinks


A poor diet can influence your weight and health. Consuming too many sugary drinks and foods like cakes and soda leads to belly fat since refined carbs do not burn energy.

The perfect way to fight sugar cravings is to eat healthy carbohydrates and drink enough water and whole foods to feel satisfied and full. Besides, opt for fewer calorie foods that are good for your health.

2. It Can Be Alcohol


Alcohol is a contributing factor to belly fat. Alcoholic drinks are known as ‘empty’ calories since they only contribute calories to your body, not nutrients. However, it leads to high BIM (body mass index) and visceral fat.

If you want to cut belly fat and are an alcohol addict, you should start trying to end it gradually. After all, it takes time, acceptance, and energy to end the addiction.

However, quench the thirst with water instead of alcohol which will make you fuller and hydrated for a long time.

3. Lack of Exercise


If you spend more time sitting than exercising, losing belly fat is like a dream. Even if diet majorly contributes to belly fat, lack of movement or exercise does, since you will be putting on more weight than you burn it.

So it is important to try limiting prolonged sitting and sedentary habits. And if your work requires you to spend more time sitting, find a way to incorporate movement breaks every thirty to 90 minutes.

4. Stress and Lack of Enough Sleep


According to research, anxiety and stress lead to the body’s cortisol hormone, which slows the metabolism. Due to the low metabolism rate, the chances of belly fat or weight loss fall drastically.

Also, not sleeping enough may lead to a spike in cortisol and raise calorie food cravings hence gaining weight and increasing belly fat.

So, if you want to do away with belly fat and keep a healthy weight, you should learn how to manage stress levels. Besides, sleep for at least seven to eight hours daily.

5. It Can Be Genes

Genes play a major part in controlling how much, and faster your body can burn calories, not to mention whether your thighs, belly, or butt can gain weight. In other words, genes can be a contributing factor to belly fat. You could be eating well and at the same time exercising but not losing any pounds.

The good news is that you can do away with belly fat, even if it’s genes, by having the right diet and exercising enough.

6. Low Fiber Foods


Fiber-rich foods should be part of your diet if you want to do away with belly fat. Low fiber foods cannot curb your high-calorie food hunger or cravings.

After all, without enough fiber in the body, you will likely have digestive system issues. Hydrating fruits, lentils, beans, green vegetables, oats, nuts, and whole grains are some foods that are highly rich in fiber. 

7. Trans Fat

It is good to eat fat, but better to know the right fat for your body. Trans fat is among the many unhealthy fats. Plus, it can lead to belly fat and even increase the overall body weight.

Trans fat is found in packaged products and baked goods. Besides, it can lead to chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, etc.

To end belly fat, you will need to cut foods with raised content of trans fat and opt for foods with minerals and nutrients.

Final Thoughts

Above all, you can only solve a problem when you know its cause. Your belly fat could be genetic, poor dieting, stress, or lack of exercise. Now that you already have the information, it is the right time to take action.

All the best as you work on ending belly fat!


Scholastica Kariri is a freelance and passionate writer of health and fitness. When not busy with work, she enjoys taking nature walks. Connect with her on Linkedin|Facebook


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