The Electric Current Revolution

SpoonTEK® is the first commercial eating utensil with built-in electronics to heighten flavor, neutralize after-taste and enhance hot/cold temperatures. SpoonTEK® science combines a mild electric current, with tongue sensory and the brain, for a next level eating experience. Foods with less salt and less sugar taste better with SpoonTEK®.  Diminished taste as a result of aging, chemotherapy and viruses are all being addressed with SpoonTEK®. Next in development, more utensils and a beverage glass that keeps a soda, beer or seltzer from losing its fizz. 
Liftid® Neurostimulation is a wearable headset that uses emerging transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) technology to excite neuronal activity in the frontal lobe, a part of the brain well known for cognitive function. Liftid® is easy-to-use, lightweight, stylish and a smart alternative to chemical stimulants. Most importantly, through a mild electric current, tDCS induces neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to learn and adapt over time. The result, using Liftid® Neurostimulation once a day for 20 minutes while performing a task, is improved focus, attention, working memory and productivity over time with longer lasting effects. tDCS science is supported by over 5,000 published studies and over 1,000 clinical trials. 
The HyGenius® toothbrush uses a mild electric current to loosen and repel plaque/bacteria from the teeth, gums and mouth like no other manual toothbrush. HyGenius® promotes gentle brushing for less abrasion, less irritation and less sensitivity.
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