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Skin care tips to look younger

We are always told that skin aging begins in our mid-20s and that we should start using anti-aging products as early as possible. The young complexion is also a question of one’s own lifestyle. If you incorporate these tips into your everyday life, the anti-aging products can be put aside for now! 

Look younger than you actually are. A desire that almost all of us pursue from a certain age. Hand on heart – we feel flattered when we are appreciated for being younger. Fortunately, in addition to hairstyles that make you look younger, there are a few simple tricks that can make you look younger in the long term. We have selected the seven best tips for you.

  1. Drink the right things

Most people have wrong drinking habits. We can drink our wrinkles away with water – no kidding! When our body lacks water, it first reduces the water content in the skin cells, which automatically makes the skin look saggy and tired. The folds then arise due to the lack of tension. Vegetable or fruit spritzers and herbal teas without added sugar have the same effect. Alcohol, on the other hand, dehydrates your body and thus also the skin on your face. Alcohol generates calories in your bodies which are not needed. Regular alcohol consumption can not only destroy the liver, but also cause skin diseases. 

  1. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise lowers biological age. It is not only important for your health, but also for your beauty! If we take the time to exercise every two days, we reduce stress hormones and at the same time strengthen the cardiovascular system. Since these effects last about 48 hours, it is advisable to give the body a day off each day. A study by the Cologne Sports University showed that 12 minutes of jogging is enough to strengthen the cardiovascular system. The skin is better supplied with blood in the long term and looks much firmer! By the way, if you do sport once a week, you are not only doing something good for your health, but also for your self-confidence. An American study claims to have found out that one sports unit per week boosts one’s own self-confidence.

  1. Movement

If you don’t find time for exercise, you shouldn’t despair immediately. Because movement is the magic word. If you save yourself a bus stop after work and then prefer to walk to one station, you stimulate the telomeres in your body cells. What are telomeres? The telomeres ensure proper blood circulation in our skin and especially in the face. Because if you have enough telomeres in the body cells, you should also have a rosier complexion. The fresh complexion looks attractive and radiates healthy skin! 

  1. Less stress

Constant stress not only destroys us mentally, but also visually! If someone is stressed, you can see it directly on the person’s face. The pale, tired, unhappy face – none of us needs it! According to the Huffington Post, stress can even lead to DNA damage. The sleeping behavior as well as the mental performance are negatively influenced. Therefore: create a balance! Have a good time after work and treat yourself to me-time (you deserve it), work out with sports or do yoga relaxation exercises. This will prevent skin aging.

  1. Healthy eating

Gives us a lot of strength and provides us with important vitamin boosters! You can also find the omega-3 fatty acids that we know from some creams are found in salmon, flaxseed and olive oil. Peppers, carrots and broccoli provide us with vitamin C. This in turn is important for collagen formation! Try to avoid white flour and sugar – these foods can not only cause chronic inflammation, but also make the skin look older very quickly. Unfortunately, red meat is also included. 

  1. Getting enough sleep

Nice overnight! Sounds kind of absurd, but there’s some truth to it. Because if you get enough sleep at night, you look fresher and younger. A study from Cleveland supported this statement. Women who get more than seven hours of sleep a night are estimated to be up to eight years younger – crazy! 

  1. Quit smoking! 

The fact that smoking is unhealthy is not up for debate for us, of course. Smoking increases the chance of infertility, lung cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. The more cigarettes are smoked, the grayer the complexion becomes. The reason for this is the disturbed oxygen supply. Unfortunately, passive smokers are also affected when they are in the vicinity of smokers. All reasons that speak against the fag – right?

You can see for yourself. It’s all very banal things that we actually all knew beforehand. Humans need about 62 days to get used to something new. Give yourself some time and eventually it will work itself out! 


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