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Opal Accessories That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever looked at a bowl of colorful glitter? An opal almost looks like that and is more beautiful than that. Known for extraordinary beauty, opals come in a wide variety of patterns and color flashes. Color flashes or play of color happen in the gemstone due to the crystal’s internal structure. The phenomenon is known for its opalescence. The optical phenomenon makes the gemstone special. The unique gemstone looks stylish with all kinds of outfits. Let’s learn more about this gem in detail.

Opal stones were located in a cave in Kenya around 10,000 years ago.
The exquisite Opal jewelry has left everyone captivated due to the gorgeous beauty it possesses.
The October-born’s birthstone gives them unique blessings in wealth and good prestige in society. 
For purchasing it in dimension, order it from Rananjay Exports.

The exquisite gemstone comes in so many interesting patterns that no two crystals are similar. They also might differ in terms of color, size, brilliance. At Rananjay Exports, you will find a wide variety of opal jewelry. They have vast collections of authentic gemstone jewelry designs, styles, and patterns. You will be amazed to know that you can find many types of opal. Keep reading this blog to learn more about these types.

Black Opal: This variety has a dark background hue. The flash of colors produced in this case gives a nice contrast with the intense background.

White Opal: This one is opaque and has a milky color. It is common and can be found in brown, gray, or white color.

Crystal opal:This one is generally transparent or translucent. It has a range of flashing colors. It is present in light hues.

Boulder Opal: It has parts of host rock attached to it.

Color of the opal matters. It is the intense and bright color that is valued the most. Violet and white opals are familiar, whereas red is rare and is pricey.

Body tone of the crystal: This factor significantly affects the value of an opal. The dark tones of the crystal fetch more value than the lighter ones. This happens because the dark varieties produce more prominent color flashes.

The brightness of the crystal is determined by how sharp color flashes it has. The brightest opals fetch high prices. These have very attractive flashes of color.

  • The Gemstone in Jewelry

Opal is such a versatile gemstone. The glittery appearance of the gem gives it a magnificent appeal. Opal earrings can be chosen for any occasion. Opal necklaces give a statement appeal and instantly grab the attention when you wear them to a party or a formal event.

The gemstone is the best to evoke love and passion in life. You can gift an opal ring to your partner. The gem is unique and has gone days when people preferred diamond rings for their wedding bands.

  • Uses of The Gemstone

Many admirers of this gem wear it to explore their hidden and true desires. In addition, it helps to boost creativity. Gem enthusiasts wear it to work to feel creative and efficient. Opal bracelets look unique and can be worn every day. Opal pendants also can be chosen for formal events.

The gemstone also enhances self-love and happiness. It amplifies the emotions. It is also the stone of abundance and blesses you with prosperity, good health, and luck. It is a perfect option for a gift to a loved one. A pair of dainty opal earrings will bring a smile to a woman’s face. One can keep opal jewelry reserved for special occasions.

Where to Buy Gemstone Jewelry?

For buying genuine gemstone jewelry, always prefer reliable stores. Rananjay Exports is known for its authentic wholesale gemstone jewelry and is popular in the jewelry market. They have various designs and patterns in 925 sterling silver gem accessories. The exclusive craftsmanship makes their jewelry the best. Explore the accessories so you don’t miss out on the latest collection.

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