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Jennifer Lopez on Anti-Aging and Staying at the Top of Her Game

At 50 years old, Jennifer Lopez is at the top of her game. At her trip with Oprah, she stated that age means absolutely nothing to her. When she launched her very first record at 28, she feels the exact same as she does. Age is just a frame of mind and it shows on her mentally and physically. She and Oprah agree that life just begins at 40 and age is merely just a number.

Here is a transcript of her interview with Oprah. She talks about meditation, mindfulness and living her best life at 50!

OPRAH: So when we were creating our dream list of 2020 Visionary conversations–( applause)– we stated we desire individuals who are at the top of their game. We want– we want people who are redefining what it suggests to be strong, to be effective, to be inspirational, to be aspirational, to be astoundingly age-defying. (Applause.) Who gives brand-new significance to the word 50. (Applause.) And who, above all else, are well. And truly, exists anyone on the planet that represents all of that more than the one and only Jennifer Lopez. (Applause.).

( Jennifer Lopez entrance.).

OPRAH: What are you doing out here?


JENNIFER: What are you doing out here on a Saturday?

OPRAH: What are we doing on a Saturday?

JENNIFER: Hi, everyone.

OPRAH: Jennifer Lopez in your home. You are using that– that is a match.

JENNIFER: It’s a three-piece match.

OPRAH: Can we see what it appears like without the coat? Let’s see it without the coat. You.

wish to see it without the coat? Take a look at that. Oh, take a look at that.

JENNIFER: (Inaudible.).

OPRAH: You were simply saying to me this is cycle for me since you opened the trip here.

JENNIFER: I did. I did. This is where we opened– you all were here? We opened the ‘It’s My Party’ trip last summer. It’s kind of full circle. This was our very first program. This was where we opened and the very first time I sang on phase with my child Emme. It was a special night for us. It was an actually unique night for us.

OPRAH: You’ve had a great deal of unique nights. Has actually 2020 been–( laughter)– I indicate that. There you all go. I– how do you top the year that you’ve had? Really. What took place? Did you have a vision for that? Due to the fact that you know we’re discussing vision and setting the vision. Or has that been what happened to you in 2015 with the conclusion of what you’ve been dreaming and envisioning your entire life.

JENNIFER: I believe that’s what took place. It’s had to do with 10 years since my kids were born. They turned 12 last Saturday. About 10 years where I simply decided that I was going to work in a manner in which I hadn’t in the past. And I was gon na grow in a way I hadn’t in the past. Once you have kids, for me, what happened was I recognized I had to do better. I was doing alright. I was doing good. I had to do much better. In fact when you stated to that lady in the audience, you have to look after yourself so you can take care of your kids.

OPRAH: Yeah.

JENNIFER: And that’s what occurred. And I believe in 2015, the start of this year that’s occurring, my 50th year, which is crazy to believe that took place.

OPRAH: But you know what– because isn’t it true? I read that you said someplace, which is the best meaning, you said you don’t feel like you’re aging. You just seem like yourself.


OPRAH: So the number doesn’t even suggest anything.

JENNIFER: It doesn’t imply anything to me. When I was 28 and put out my first record, I truthfully feel the very same way I did. I do. And I believe it’s a frame of mind of simply continuing to recognize that I’m still growing. Therefore long as I’m still growing, there’s still someplace to go.That there’s more to the journey. Due to the fact that I’m going to turn 50 it’s not over, that simply. That’s what I’m recognizing. It’s not over. We’re simply at the halftime right now. (Laughter.).

OPRAH: Speaking of halftime. Okay. Speaking of halftime. We’ve never seen anything like that in our lives. (Applause.).

JENNIFER: Oh, my God.

OPRAH: In our lives we had actually never ever seen anything like that. So I’m curious regarding just before you and Shakira– prior to you went on, you’re watching Shakira.


OPRAH: You know you’ve got to go out there and kill it. Were there butterflies? Were you believing, wow, you just can’t do better than 100 and something million people worldwide. What were you thinking and feeling waiting to go on?

JENNIFER: Okay. So a lot of things. A great deal of things. However mostly I– you know, I have a big show. I’m in the zone. I’m focused. I have put in the work. I feel truly good. And it was various because my child was going to be singing. So I had my little concern on her over there. She’s kind of, like, standing there going, like.

OPRAH: (Laughter.).

JENNIFER: So, fine, she’s excellent. You need to concentrate on you today. And I– I do not know, I just– I just– I think I just felt like, as I was watching Shakira, I was really still. And I saw that she was killing it. And I was, like, okay, okay, here we go. Here we go. This is it. And you know it’s strange since I think many people who carry out at the Super Bowl, they do not need to split it like that.

OPRAH: That’s right. They do it.

JENNIFER: I needed to in fact stand there for, like, 6 minutes or more much like–.

OPRAH: Waiting.

JENNIFER: And taking a look at, you know, three times the size of this of people, you know? And I’m, like, all. We’re about to tear this arena down.

OPRAH: And you stated– and you did. You said you wanted little girls all over the world to be proud of whatever that they are. So you were dancing on your own. You were likewise dancing for ladies all over the world.

JENNIFER: Yeah, I indicate, I understood– there were particular things I knew. When they asked me to do the Super Bowl. I resembled I’m gon na close with ‘Let’s Get Loud.’ I’m gon na close with ‘Let’s Get Loud.’ That was a definite. And I understood that I wished to press forth a message due to the fact that I knew who I was representing. I knew I was representing not just myself, but females. Latinos. (Laughter.) And– and everybody. And all people. And what I wanted everyone– every little woman, and I chose I was gon na put like– I was, like, the number of girls will you let me have on the field, you know what I mean? They’re, like, you can have 50. And I was like, fine, I’ll take it. And I simply desired them– what– the message that was very clear to me that required to be said was, be proud of who you are. And do not ever be afraid to utilize your voice and get loud in the face of oppression or anything that you don’t agree with.

OPRAH: Was– I heard you state that singing on the stage with Emme was actually cathartic for you. What was that like as a mom, as a vocalist, what was that?

JENNIFER: As I think of it, I simply– you know, my entire body fills with a lot of emotions due to the fact that, you understand, she came up in these pods and she began the tune without me and then by the time she came by to me it was such a huge celebration and I covered her in the American flag and on the other side it’s a Puerto Rican flag. And I’m taking a look at her and she’s singing ‘Born in the USA. I was born in the USA.’ And, yes, and I was simply– we both chewed out each other: ‘I’m gon na live my life.’ And to see her with so much delight be so much in her own power so young and all the little girls around me singing and going off and it was such an incredible feeling. It’s difficult to describe. It’s tough to describe how proud I was. How–.

OPRAH: It filled you up.

JENNIFER:– exhilarated I was. It did. It was fantastic. I believe everybody got that in the house.

OPRAH: Everybody got it. Did Emme come out that way? Was she always that child?

JENNIFER: She’s quiet. You know? She’s a thinker. Oh, she came out she was angel. I would look at her when she was little. Both my children. However I was like you’re an angel. Does every mother feel that way? I believe so. And– but she was constantly peaceful. My boy is really, like, rambunctious and loud and full of energy. And Emme’s like the opposite. She’s the yin to his yang, you understand? But she feels really comfy carrying out and singing on phase.

OPRAH: So when did you see that she had the capability to do that on stage?

JENNIFER: I didn’t know. I always thought she was truly shy. And then when I was gon na direct my very first video for ‘Limitless,’ the tune that I finished with Sia that you people opened with.


JENNIFER: I directed my very first video and I was stating I needed a little girl in the video. And she heard me, like, speaking about it and she pertained to me and she was, like, ‘Uh, mom, I can do it.’ And I was, like– I never thought about putting them in the business or to work or anything. I just didn’t want that for them. I deal with a great deal of kids, and it’s a lot. It’s a great deal of pressure. And I was, like, no, baby. Videos are actually difficult. They’re long hours.

OPRAH: Long days, yeah.

JENNIFER: You don’t wish to do that. And I go on and I start casting ladies and seeing them and having them return. [My fiancé] Alex [Rodriguez] is, like, ‘You should put Emme in the video. She really wishes to remain in the video.’ I was like, ‘Alex, I don’t want to.’ And After That Uncle Benny: ‘You ought to put Emme in the video.’.

OPRAH: Put Emme in the video.

JENNIFER: I’m like, people, I don’t want to– I don’t desire her working. I’m directing for the very first time. And what about if I need to tell her something?

OPRAH: Yeah.

JENNIFER: Like do that better, you understand. Like I do not desire that. And she was, like, ‘Mommy, I truly can do it. I can do it. I guarantee.’ I stated, ‘If you do it, you have to persevere. You need to get all the way through.’ She resembled, ‘Okay.’ And she did it. And when she got on the set, she started singing and she began acting. It was more of an acting thing in the video where she is kind of– it’s all green screen, and it’s all left to the imagination. I said you represent every female, the little lady inside every female. Okay? And what an uphill climb it is to be born a female. From the beginning. And I want you to have a hard time increasing the hill like your foot is stuck and you’ve got to pull it out and you’ve got to keep climbing and you’ve got to keep going. She’s, like, ‘Okay. Okay.’ And she’s worn, like, man clothing that she sheds throughout the video. And then she’s at the leading singing. And we did the first take all the way through. She was a natural. And I was, like she was a natural.

OPRAH: I know.

JENNIFER: And I look at her and I resemble– I’m sobbing. Everybody on my group has been with me for 20-some years. When they were born, they all saw. We’re all with tears in our eyes. Oh, my God. She’s much littler then that she is now. A couple years ago. When I understood, and that’s.

OPRAH: That she had it.

JENNIFER: She had it.

OPRAH: Yeah.

JENNIFER: And she can do whatever she wished to do with it. She didn’t need to do it, however she could do whatever she wanted with it.

OPRAH: So you were pretty positive and assured that it was going to be precisely what it was for the Super Bowl.

JENNIFER: For the Super Bowl, that was– we had gone on trip. Like I said, we opened the tour in 2015, and she would sing a little bit of ‘Limitless’ with me. And I wanted her to simply do opening weekend which was two L.A. shows. And she wound up singing– we were on trip for 30 shows. I resembled you do not have to do it every night. She was on tour with me anyway. No, no. I want to. And she would come out every night and do her little part and it was an extremely special part of the show but we had actually choreographed it without her simply in case she didn’t wish to do it. She did it every single night. And she enjoys it. I understood the Super Bowl would be a smaller sized part for her. And I didn’t wish to– when I asked her, I stated if you do not want to do this, once again, you do not have to do it. And she acts like she doesn’t care a little bit. She cares, like she desires to do it. But she did it. And, yeah, she simply has a good time with it.

OPRAH: Yeah. That was such an unbelievable performance. I mean, individuals were, like, calling everybody about it.


OPRAH: Watching it in real time. Were you shocked, then, when some individuals believed it was a little much? Individuals began grumbling.

JENNIFER: About the sexy part?

OPRAH: About the hot part. Were you shocked?

JENNIFER: No. It didn’t trouble me. It was such a beautiful night. And it was– it was so well received. Like to listen to, like, the small fraction of individuals who believed it was too sexy and attempting to say something negative, it would have been a sin for me to like–.

OPRAH: Even take that in.


OPRAH: That is so cool. Are you actually excellent with that? Have you reached a point in your profession where other individuals’s judgments do not affect how you see or judge yourself?

JENNIFER: Finally, yes.

OPRAH: You’ve gotten there?


OPRAH: That is–.

JENNIFER: And it was simply recent, too.

OPRAH: Really?

JENNIFER: It wasn’t– yeah. These are journeys that take a very long time.

OPRAH: Yeah.

JENNIFER: They take a long time. First you need to find out, I’m not caring myself enough. I need to figure that part out.

OPRAH: Which I was saying to the woman over there. Everybody in this space, listen to J Lo.

JENNIFER: It’s great to think, oh, if I look after everybody else I’m a good person. You know? I put myself last. A lot of females in my household, that’s how we were raised. Especially Latinos. Everyone comes before you. I’m last. I’ll consume last. I’ll get dressed last. I didn’t even shower. It’s fine.

OPRAH: Yeah.

JENNIFER: That’s how you’re raised. And you require– you come to the awareness that it’s not that. I have to take care of myself so I can look after everyone else much better.

OPRAH: I check out where you’ve stated you’ve come to a place now– due to the fact that this is the truth, y’ all. The 40s to 50s are it.

JENNIFER: Oh, my God.

OPRAH: For anyone who’s thinking– who’s dreading the 40s? It does not even start to make sense.

JENNIFER: It’s not over.

OPRAH: Not just is it not over. It’s just getting going.

JENNIFER: It’s simply beginning.

OPRAH: It’s just starting. It’s real. It’s so true.

JENNIFER: It’s so true. We’re, like, together.

OPRAH: It’s so real. As you’ve made it through your 40s and now at 50 where you feel the most comfortable and most effective, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

JENNIFER: That’s absolutely how it feels. And it’s a journey to arrive where you specify where you recognize that you’re providing yourself the credit. I’ve succeeded. I’ve done excellent. I’ve worked on myself. I’ve tried to be much better. I’m gon na keep on growing. When you get to that place where you’re not encumbered with what other individuals think of you and what you’re doing and you’re simply doing it for yourself and your own individual fulfillment and happiness and doing things in the proper way, absolutely nothing can stop you after that.

OPRAH: Nothing can stop you. Let’s talk about that development. You married in your 20s.

JENNIFER: A couple times.

OPRAH: A couple times. I was simply gon na skirt on by that. Fine. Married in your 20s.


OPRAH: And now engaged at 50.


OPRAH: What– what– what do you know now about love that you didn’t understand then?

JENNIFER: Again, and I believe this is the key to life, that I needed to love myself and be fine on my own before I could be in a healthy relationship.

OPRAH: Okay. So were you at the point prior to you fulfilled him–.

JENNIFER: Alexander.

OPRAH:– Alexander. Were you at the point where you could be alone? Prior to you satisfied him?

JENNIFER: I could.

OPRAH: You could, yes.

For the full transcript, visit the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour.

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