Is Pilates A Good Exercise For Weight Loss?

When you start the weight loss process, you will come across crazy ideas for weight loss. You will know about crash diets and intense workouts. Eventually, these collective efforts will help you lose weight in no time but both intense exercises and crash diets have an impact on your life and your body. If we look at crash diets, we will see all the influencers talking about the crash diet. They usually mention the crash diets that they have tried or the crash diet that has helped them to lose weight. In real life, people who are aware of intense crash diets and their side effects have a good backup plan to cater to these issues.

The Side Effects of Crash Diets and Intense Exercises without Expert Opinion

When most viewers jump on the weight-loss bandwagon they forget about these side effects and as a result, you will see them struggling throughout. They will suffer from dry, wrinkly skin along with uneven skin tone. Apart from this, you will see them complaining about their brittle, thin, dry hair and broken nails. All these things indicate that you might just be consuming calories and not enough nutrients.

Similarly, when you focus on intense exercises, you will reach a point where you will develop muscles or extremely saggy skin. To make sure you find the right balance that helps you lose weight without the side effects, you have to know how to keep your skin tight and shiny thick hair. Most people enjoy fresh juice therapy along with a crash diet so their skin doesn’t feel the effect. Similarly, you will see people starting their workout with a simple and easy workout that helps in keeping skin tight while offering their body enough flexibility that they don’t feel the need to change their workout or diet in any way.

With the help of this article, we will look at one of the most famous yet less intense workouts that will help you have a flexible body while ensuring that you have a toned structure. For a beginner, we will look at Pilates, not from an introductory point of view but also from a health-based point of view. We will further explore how this will impact the body and if it is a safe option.

How effective is Pilates?

Although experts claim that Pilates is very good for people who do want to lose weight, most people still get confused which is the reason research was held. In 2017, a search including 50 obese women showed that Pilates helped them not only in losing weight but also in lowering their BMI, training their waist, and toning their body. This study clearly shows that it is indeed very effective.

After that most people thought that Pilates will give them easy and fast results without any extra effort. However, soon people start complaining about its effect. To help this, experts explain that it is a very low impact exercise so where other exercises will take more or less 15 minutes, you will need to exercise for at least 30-45 minutes if you want any significant results. Apart from this, the technique you choose and what you exercise also matter. A simple 50 minutes Pilates class will help you burn just 170 calories, however, if you change your intensity or if you are more obese and have more fat in your body, you will lose weight faster because you will burn fat more. Similarly, how often you work out and how much effort you are willing to put in will also impact your results. People who carry on their workout for one hour will have much better results as compared to people who just spend 15 to 20 minutes.

Another important factor that will impact the results is the frequency of your workout. If you work out for just 2 days per week, you will burn much fewer calories, your technique will not improve and the overall impact on your body will also reduce. On the contrary, if you choose to work out regularly this will bring you better results. Where other exercises require at least 2-3 days for recovery, you will not have to wait for recovery because it is a low-impact workout. You can work out every day without any hesitation.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, Pilates is very safe. Where most exercises will differentiate on the basis of your body level, age, or if the workout is appropriate for you. Pilate is very simple and effective so even a beginner who has never worked out can not only try it but also benefit from it. Since it is a low-impact workout, there is no age limit for this exercise. Even people in their late 40s can work out by using Pilates. The best thing is that this low-impact diet can be changed by simply increasing the intensity and speed. Apart from this, you can try it with your family, kids, and elders as well. People who are thinking about starting a workout routine and are afraid these workouts are intense can also start with Pilates. 


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