How to Create a Portable Home Gym in Any Space

No matter your fitness goal or level, having access to a home gym is a great idea. This is especially true after COVID, as many people switched from going to the gym to working out at home. However, sometimes working out from home can be lacking, and may not give you as effective a workout as you’d like. This is where having a home gym set-up comes in handy, no matter what type of space you have to work with. But how do you create a home gym? And what about a home gym that’s portable?

Build On What You Have

Maybe you’ve been working out for some time and already have a few pieces of equipment, or maybe you’re pretty new to working out altogether. No matter your level of fitness, building upon what you already have, and also what kind of space you have, is a great idea when trying to create a portable home gym.


Not everyone has the space to make a dedicated room in their home as a gym room. However, most people have a space where they can pull out equipment or store equipment. Take a look at the type of space you have, and what equipment you already have and build upon that instead of trying to start new with someone else’s home gym ideas. This makes your portable home gym better suited for your needs and your space.

Consider Your Equipment

The equipment makes the gym. When building a portable home gym, the most important aspect you’ll need to focus on is the equipment that you use. Your equipment matters, both in terms of saving space and meeting fitness goals. Consider atg workout equipment to get a great workout in nearly any space. This equipment is made to do what you need it to, and fit where you need it to as well.


Consider what type of space you have as well as your routine. There are many solutions for equipment that are compact, safe, and effective. Build your equipment stock around the workouts that you’ll be doing. It’s okay if you can’t manage to acquire everything at once. Building your gym piece by piece is common, and even somewhat exciting too.

Add Comfort Pieces

While your home gym should be a place that you go to get in shape and work hard, whether it be in your living room or a dedicated room; your home gym should also be comfortable. Consider adding pieces of comfort to the room if they aren’t already there. Rest and breaks are important for a good workout. Consider adding a comfortable place to sit as well as air conditioning for the summer.


You’ll want to make sure that your home gym is a place where you actually want to spend time in. This means adding things that you make you comfortable. From comfortable seating to temperature control and more, there are plenty of ways. Adding a mini-fridge is another way to help make your home gym more comfortable. You’ll also want to consider your flooring and any other storage or stands that you may need.

Avoid Gimmicks

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the latest get-fit quick fix. As much as some hate to hear it, the only way to get fit is by watching what you eat and making sure that your output is greater than your input. When building your portable home gym, make sure that you avoid gimmick pills, powders, and even equipment. A small weight that you shake for a few minutes will not give you the arms you want, no matter how portable it is.


Take some time and research what you put into your gym. Make sure that your equipment and supplements aren’t only portable and easy to store, but effective as well. Gimmicks are everywhere, but they don’t have to be in your home gym.


There are plenty of great ways to create a portable home gym. Should your gym need to be a pop-up sort of deal, consider storing your equipment in suitcases or in slide-away locations when not in use. There are plenty of storage solutions, as well as options for equipment, that are easy to use and store. Getting fit is a process, and it doesn’t always come easy, even though it’s always worth it. Making yourself a home gym is just another step to greatness.

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