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How to Conduct an Online Market Research Panel

Volunteers from the public service on market research panels. These research participants are called “brand research panels” because they help evaluate a brand and its products and services. Market research panels are replacing phone interviews. The panel has been vetted and has cell phones for online votes.

When Doing Market Research, Why Do Companies Employ Panels?

If your study takes less than 48 hours or costs money, market research panels are the way to go.

A neutral third-party panel might be helpful if public participation is insufficient. In virtually all cases, a research panel ensures quick and cheap fieldwork. There are alternatives to using panels, even for quick fieldwork.

Recruiting participants and collecting survey responses is a common practice for many market research firms using paid social media marketing.

Market Research Methods

For a complete picture of the target audience, the current market, and the level of competition, thorough market research is required. The following is a guide to doing effective market research for online stores.

Carry Out Keyword Analysis

You may learn whether there is a market for the goods you intend to offer online through keyword research. High search numbers don’t guarantee a successful product, but they show that people are interested in the concept. Additionally, keyword research is helpful when developing an inbound marketing plan since it enables you to identify openings for attracting organic visitors via SEO (SEO).

Observe the Rival Companies

Competitor analysis may teach you a great deal about a market. Thus, it’s important to identify who your major rivals are. Keep in mind that even while doing e-commerce market research, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only e-commerce companies. Researching your competitors once you’ve compiled a list of the major companies in your sector is smart.

Learn About the Latest Developments

Researching products for an online store should always include investigating current customer preferences. Find them by searching Google Trends. Online product research may be aided by asking the following two questions:

  • Is sagging, steady, or rising demand being seen for this item?
  • Do sales of this item fluctuate with the seasons, or are they consistent year-round?

Use Networking Websites

A variety of client data is available on social media. It’s where individuals go to air their grievances, preferences, hopes, and dreams. However, you’ll have to do some serious digging before you uncover those pearls of knowledge. Keep your virtual consumer research panel targeted to prevent becoming lost in the endless depths of the internet.

Follow These Guidelines to Create Your Own Research Panel

Advice on how to create your research panel is provided below.

Forming a Committee

The first step is to establish a network for hiring. Research participants might be attracted in several ways. It’s easy and inexpensive to spread the word using email lists, websites, and social media. After deciding on a medium and accepting applications, the next step is to gather data from potential panelists. Make a quick questionnaire to collect information from them. Send a thank-you message to the respondent once they’ve finished the short survey to show them how their input will be used.

Meet and Confer with a Group of Experts

A successful panel relies on the active participation of its panelists. Companies must keep their panelists engaged in the surveys they perform for their initiatives. At a minimum, they should encourage their panelists to participate in two or three projects every month so that they have opportunities to use their expertise and are reminded of their participation in the panel.

Methodology of Profile Construction Using Panels

There are two main ways businesses find new employees: open-source recruiting, in which anybody with internet access may sign up, and invitation-only recruitment, in which only verified people are given access. The most crucial part is finding a real, competent panel profile that fits your requirements.

Managed by an Incentives-Based Panel

Providing incentives to your panel members is crucial to recruiting a high-quality panel and ensuring that your panelists complete your surveys. Give something of value in exchange for taking part in your market survey. Providing simple options for selecting and redeeming rewards will keep panelists satisfied. Timely compensation is essential. Quick rewards for panelists include e-cards, memberships to streaming services, and more.

To Sum Up

Thanks to market research panels, rapid feedback on particular questions are available from a big group of people. Organizations worldwide immediately use the survey findings to enhance the customer experience, boost staff engagement, and better understand their target audiences.


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