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How To Choose Good Sunglasses

Sunglasses bring a lot of convenience to our daily life over the years. They are stylish, and they provide critical UV protection from the sun. UV rays, particularly UVA and UVB, cause damage to the surface tissues of the eye. Such damage can lead to vision problems, macular degeneration, and other eyesight conditions. So it’s better to wear sunglasses when having activities outdoors.

When searching for the best sunglasses for your eye protection, keep in mind that a high cost does not always mean high quality. It could be confusing if you don’t know the optical terms for lenses. Don’t worry– here are some tips on how to choose good sunglasses.

  • UV Protection

The sun emits UV radiation, which you cannot see or feel. It increases vitamin D levels in small doses. But, too much of it could cause sunburn and damage to your eyes. Too much UV exposure can cause cataracts. It may also damage the retina, the lining at the rear end of your eyes that allows you to see clearly.

Before you even look at the price tag, always read the label carefully. Do these glasses completely block UVA and UVB rays? You want sunglasses that block both of those 100%.

  • Fit

A poorly fitting pair can allow UV rays to penetrate your skin and even into your eyes. I look for something that looks good on the face. I do not want it to be too close to the eyelashes, and I also do not want it to be too far out.

When looking for sunglasses, go for wrap-around the eye’s sunglasses. They will help block stray UV light. They could also keep dust and allergens out. Those things are also bad for your eyes.

  • Lens Color

There are many lens colors available on the market. They range from solid shades to gradients in green, gray, and brown. When shopping for sunglasses, do not think that the darker the lens, the better they are for your eyes. Although the color of the lens has little effect on UV protection, it could help with visual contrast. Some colors can help players and athletes in sports such as swimming, baseball, and golf by increasing contrast.

  • Polarized Lenses

Polarized sunglasses lenses minimize glare and strain on the eyes. As a result, they improve vision, as well as safety in the sun. These are useful for reducing glare in the snow, at the beach, or on the water. Polarization by itself doesn’t provide UV protection. Instead, it enhances the visual experience of certain activities. When there is a lot of light, you might be able to see through them in a better way. But they can make it difficult to see computer screens, dashboards, or smartphones.

  • Quality Of Lenses

Another factor to consider when shopping for sunglasses is the quality of the lenses. The tint and quality are so important, so it is best to search for a uniform tint on your sunglasses rather than a dark one.

Hold the sunglasses at arm’s length in a straight line, and inspect the lenses from a distance for any flaws. Move the glasses gently across the line; if the glass lens is not perfectly flat, the straight edge will distort, curve, move, and sway. You should always invest in high-quality sunglasses that protect you from UV rays.

  • Frame Styles

You can wear sunglasses not only for protection but also as a fashionable accessory. They help to elevate your outfit and emphasize your fashion statement. Although UV protection is important, you’ll also want a pair that looks great on you and also makes you feel confident. Before selecting a frame and lenses, consider your face shape. Here’s a breakdown of the different face types as well as the frames that will complement them:

  • Heart-shaped face. This face shape has a slim jawline and looks great with square retro and even cat eyeglasses.
  • Round-shaped face. Such a facial structure has broad cheekbones and can wear square, retro angular, cat-eye, and rectangular frames.
  • Oval Shaped face. Because this face shape is usually long and narrow, oversized, retro, and top-heavy frames complement it well.
  • Square shape. Round and aviator frames complement this face shape beautifully. H


Sunglasses are essential eyewear. They reduce brightness in any season or location where the sun’s rays affect your eyes and vision. They not only look great but also, they will protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. But, a lot of people tend to focus on the appearance of sunglasses over their functionality.

Appearance and style are important because they elevate your look. But protection is also an important factor to consider before purchasing sunglasses.  Check that the UV protection level is indicated on the sticker. Search for sunglasses with 100 % UVB and UVA protection, and then add extra features such as filters and extra coating.

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