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Best Red Light Therapy Device


Marc Poirer is the founder of Rouge, a red light therapy company. Two years ago, Marc could not have imagined life without his literal pain in the neck affecting every single aspect of his life. Today, he can say that he’s been pain-free for over a year which can be attributed to red light therapy.

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What he found was a relatively little known concept called photobiomodulation – red light therapy – that has the potential to affect almost every part of the human body from the cell outward – from common skin problems such as wrinkles, sun damage, and stretch marks, to painful conditions such as arthritis, joint inflammation, and nerve pain, like Marc’s. However, largely only available in upscale spas and health clinics, red light therapy was quite expensive, especially since the benefits require consistent use.

The more he learned, the more he knew that this was his mission: to empower people to unlock the potential within their cells, to allow them to be their best – and healthiest – selves. To Marc, that mission meant providing people with affordable, at-home red light therapy options to suit their specific needs. We had a chance to ask him about the benefits of red light therapy.

What are the health benefits of red light therapy?
We have a pretty detailed article on this topic – let me know if it helps 🙂
Where does the technology come from?
The benefits of red light have been understood for a long time, but the science behind it was really developed by Nasa. In the beginning, researchers and clinicians used lasers, but with the dramatic improvements in LED technology and with the associated costs of production becoming marginal, I don’t think anyone is seriously investing in laser technology for photobiomodulation. It’s now possible to create much more interesting products than ever before using LED, at a cost that home users can afford.
How is a dose of red light administered?
There are so many different types of specialized devices for specific purposes, for example there are helmets for your hair and your brain, there are belts for the torso and stomach, or for limbs, there are blankets, and even intranasal devices to stimulate the brain. We chose to work with panels because they serve a much more general purpose and can be used to all of these things, and more. They’re also very safe because they do not touch your skin and there are no risks of burning yourself. They’re also very sanitary and can be used by more than one person without much risk.
How does your product work?
They are panels that project red and near infrared light onto the body parts that are exposed. Users or red light can stand closer to faster and more concentrated treatments, or they can stand a little bit further to gain more coverage – of course they will need to stay a little longer to get the same dosage.
Can you send us links to some studies on red light therapy?
If you search Google for photobiomodulation studies by dr Hamblin you can find thousands of them, the ore frequently cited ones are at the top of the results page.
How does the Rouge red light differ from your competitors?
We had the chance to come after Joovv, Mito Red and PlatinumLED and knew that power was the most important thing all things being equal. We built a product that would focus the light onto the subject and decided to use strong capacity LEDs. The result is 2.75X the power density of Joovv and 2X that of Mito Red. The test results are published on our website.
How did you get into red light therapy?
Just before starting this I was founder and CEO of a software company called Acquisio. It was software to help manage online ads. We sold the business to web.com and I left 2 years later. I was thinking about starting up an e-commerce company and was considering a variety of products but didn’t feel like I had found the perfect idea yet. My Osteopath was using red light during my treatments, and it triggered me to conduct some research. I felt it was a good opportunity to get involved with something that’s inherently good for people. I have a lot of experience with digital marketing and with e-commerce, which gave me the confidence I could compete with some of the established companies. And I built a successful company before. I took the dive and made an investment, and dedicated all of 2020 to build up Rouge Red Light Therapy.
Are there any books on red light therapy that you like?
Ari Whitten – The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy is probably the best written book on the subject.
For more information visit Rouge.
Please visit Rouge for the best red light therapy devices. Use the promo code “davidlee” for $100 off.
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