Amazing Benefits of Using Bamboo Extract For Hair And Skin

Are you looking for the one ingredient that can make your skin and hair look healthier? Well, get hold of bamboo silica supplements! Several studies have concluded that bamboo extract or bamboo silica is highly beneficial for our hair and skin! It protects our skin from the UV rays, increases blood circulation, helps in collagen production, and so much more!

Wish to know more about the benefits before buying these supplements? Then read on as we explain how bamboo silica gives your glowing skin and makes your hair thicker and stronger than before! So let’s get started.  

Benefits Of Using Bamboo Extract For Skin

The benefits of using bamboo extract or bamboo silica for our skin are given below –


  • Increase Collagen Production 

Silica helps in the production of collagen in our bodies. And this happens mostly after we turn 20, leading to unhealthy, dull-looking skin. Using bamboo silica supplements helps increase silica in our system, allowing collagen production. This leads to younger-looking, healthy skin.


  • Adds Glow

As it helps increase collagen production, the bamboo extract also indirectly helps our skin glow. Thanks to its enhanced circulation, it strengthens our blood vessels, making our skin look younger and healthier.


  • Locks in Moisture 

Bamboo silica supplements create a protective barrier for our skin that is crucial for locking in moisture. Bamboo extracts help in the GAGs or Glycosaminoglycans synthesis, leading to radiant and supple skin. The supplements also help to stimulate the formation of hyaluronic acid, a potent component in increasing our skin’s moisture levels.  


  • Increases Skin Elasticity

Bamboo silica also helps in the production of hydroxylation enzymes. This enzyme is crucial for promoting elasticity in our skin, making it firmer and tighter. 


  • Protects Against Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress refers to the imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals in our bodies. This oxidative stress leads to wrinkles and premature aging, robbing our skin of its youth and beauty. Fortunately, bamboo silica is beneficial in this matter. It forms a protective barrier that saves our skin from oxidative stress, thus retaining its beauty and flow.


  • Protects Against Harmful UV Rays

Bamboo silica also helps protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Studies have shown that those who included bamboo silica in their diet or consumed silica supplements have shown subtle but noticeable signs of reversing premature aging because of sun exposure. This might be because it promotes skin elasticity. 


  • Fights Acne

Bamboo silica, as we know, helps to increase our skin’s moisture levels which in turn helps to prevent inflammation and breakouts in our skin. Thus, it prevents excess sebum and toxic deposition in our skin, keeping it acne-free. Bamboo leaf extracts also keep our skin cool, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. 


Now that we know all about how beneficial bamboo silica is for our skin let’s discuss how it is helpful for our hair. 

Benefits Of Using Bamboo Extract For Hair 


  • Thicker Hair 

One of the benefits of using bamboo silica for hair is that it helps to promote healthier, thicker hair. Several studies have confirmed that bamboo silica can bring about a significant difference in the cross-sectional area of our hair, making it more resilient. While it doesn’t give great results right away, using bamboo silica supplements for 2-3 months straight will make a noticeable difference. Thus using bamboo silica supplements will make your hair thicker, more luscious, making you look younger and healthier. 


  • Increases Hair Growth

As discussed above, bamboo extract helps to provide better blood and oxygen circulation. Naturally, this helps to promote hair growth as well. It provides necessary nutrients and oxygen to our hair follicles and scalp, giving birth to healthier, stronger strands. 


  • Increases Brightness and Shine

Bamboo silica helps to increase hair growth while making our hair strands more substantial and thicker than before. Naturally, this makes our hair retain its brightness and shine, making it look gorgeous.


  • Reducing Hair Fall 

Last but not least, bamboo silica helps to reduce hair fall. How? Studies show that silica helps to carry red blood cells and increases oxygen circulation in our body considerably. The increased blood flow also helps provide more nutrients, which is very beneficial for our hair follicles and our scalp as it promotes healthy hair growth. 


Thus, if you wish to reduce excessive hair fall, you have to get bamboo silica supplements as soon as possible. 


Thus, we can conclude that bamboo silica supplements will prove highly beneficial to your skin and hair. And the best part? These supplements are not expensive and available in most retail stores and online websites. So what are you waiting for? Get your hair hands-on bamboo extract supplements today and start your journey towards healthier hair and skin! 


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